Who’s Who: Meet Executive and Student Government Leaders

Julio Frenk is officially installed as the 6th president of the University of Miami on January 29, 2016 Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

There are many people in leadership at the University of Miami, and it may be hard to keep track of them all. Below is a comprehensive guide to some of the most influential leaders in the UM community.

Executive Leadership

Julio Frenk, President

Since August 2015, Julio Frenk has served as the sixth president of UM. Frenk is a professor of public health science and health sector management and policy, in addition to his position as president.

Much of Frenk’s career has been dedicated to medicine and public health. After earning a medical degree from the National University of Mexico, he became a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Academy of Medicine of Mexico and the U.S. National Academy of Medicine. Frenk has also been awarded several recognitions for his impressive contributions to the medical field.

Before joining the UM faculty, Frenk was the dean of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the T & G Angelopoulos Professor of Public Health and International Development. Additionally, he served as the director of the Ministry of Health of Mexico for seven years, where he expanded healthcare coverage for more than 55 million Mexicans with his program, Seguro Popular.

Joseph James Echevarria, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Joseph Echevarria has served as the University’s CEO since 2022. As CEO, Echevarria is a major face of UM administration. He manages the overall operations of UM and makes major decisions on the behalf of the University.

Guillermo Prado, Interim Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost

Entering his first year at the U, Guillermo Prado is the chief academic officer of UM and has authority over the deans of the 11 schools and colleges and other senior academic administrators.

Prado is also a nursing and health studies, public health sciences and psychology professor. He has made significant contributions to research regarding health disparities and behavioral interventions for various conditions, particularly among Hispanic families.

Rudy Fernandez, Executive Vice President for University Operations and External Affairs and Chief of Staff

Rudy Fernandez is the executive leader of external affairs and university operations. He works with Frenk, Echevarria and the Board of Trustees to connect with external university stakeholders of education, athletics, health care and research at UM.

Fernandez oversees business-related matters across the University, including audit and compliance, data governance and institutional research, development, enrollment management, facilities operations and planning, government and community relations, office of the secretary of the board, university communications, UHealth marketing and communications and university police.

Josh Friedman, Senior Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations

Josh Friedman is responsible for organizing alumni affairs and fundraising at UM. Friedman works with the Board of Trustees and the academic deans to create and execute initiatives for UM development and alumni relations.

Allison Mincey, Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources (HR) Officer

Allison Mincey oversees UM’s labor relations and management functions. She is responsible for executing an HR strategy that aligns with UM’s business plan, direction and mission.

David Reis, Senior Vice President of Information Technology (IT)

David Reis leads the overall operations of UM’s information systems and is responsible for expanding technological initiatives at UM.

Aileen Ugalde, Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Aileen Ugalde is the head of UM’s General Counsel, which provides legal advice and services for decisions in regard to UM operations. These services include legal counsel and representation, litigation, legal risk management, contract drafting and review and advising on compliance.

Patricia A. Whitely, Senior Vice President of Student Affairs and Alumni Engagement

Patricia A. Whitely leads 21 departments that provide services to the UM community. Outside of her administrative duties, she serves as a professor in the Department of Educational and Psychological Studies. Whitely has received many awards and honors during her time at UM, including the establishment of the Patricia A. Whitely Unsung Hero Award. Whitely also hosts “Pancakes with Pat,” an evening event that happens various times during the year at various locations on campus, where students can enjoy a late-night breakfast.

Jessica Brumley, Vice President of Operations and Planning

Jessica Brumley is responsible for maximizing the real estate value of UM properties. Brumley oversees campus planning, design and construction, environmental health and safety, facilities and operations, parking and transportation, emergency management, real estate and more departments at UM. The departments Brumley oversees are designed to improve the academic and research experience of the UM community.

Brandon Gilliland, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Brandon Gilliland is responsible for managing UM’s $5.4 billion budget and supervises UM’s financial resources. Gilliland oversees the offices of investments and treasury, controller, financial planning and analysis, risk management and contract administration, dining and campus stores, ‘Canes Central student center, service and experience excellence and purchasing services, which directly report to him.

John Haller, Vice President for Enrollment Management and New Student Strategies

John Haller oversees UM’s admission process and makes sure UM maintains rigorous standards when admitting students. Haller has served in this role since 2014.

Balanca Malagon, Vice President of Audit and Compliance

Balanca Malagon is responsible for creating internal compliance policies and governing compliance programs. She also identifies areas of concern and recognizes issues within this sector as they occur.

Jacqueline Menendez, Vice President of Communications

Jacqueline Menendez is the head of communications, media relations and marketing at UM. Menendez, along with her division, is responsible for improving UM’s communication strategies and upholding its mission and identity of being a leading research and academic institution.

Dan Radakovich, Vice President and Director of Athletics

Dan Radakovich, who has served in this position since December 2021, is responsible for leading the Miami Hurricanes to success, in both athletics and academics. Prior to his time at UM, Radakovich was the Director of Athletics at Clemson University, where the university saw record-high graduation rates among National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) student-athletes and saw high levels of athletic success.

Brad Rohrer, Vice President of IT and Chief Information Officer

Brad Rohrer is responsible for overseeing technological and innovative initiatives that improve the academic and research environment of UM. Under Rohrer’s leadership, UM became the first American college campus to use AT&T’s 5G+ and Multi-access Edge Compute technology.

Raena Wright, Vice President of Government Affairs and Community Relations

Raena Wright oversees the University’s relationships with the government, elected officials and South Florida community. Wright is also UM’s chief legislative strategist and lobbyist, which makes her responsible for funding priorities and strategic initiatives for UM, the Miller School of Medicine and the UM Health System.

Frances Marine Davis, Secretary of the Board of Trustees and Associate Vice President for Strategic Communication

Frances Davis coordinates the activities of UM’s Board of Trustees. She provides support for the board and acts as a liaison between the board, administration and UM community.

Charmel Maynard, Associate Vice President, Chief Investment Officer and University Treasurer

Charmel Maynard leads UM in investing assets, including its endowment and pension funds. Maynard also manages UM’s treasury, cash and capital structure, which includes liquidity and debt issuance.

University Deans

Leonidas Bachas, College of Arts and Sciences

Pratim Biswas, College of Engineering

Rebecca Fox, Division of Continuing and International Education

Ann Olazàbal, Herbert Business School (Interim)

Henri Ford, Miller School of Medicine

Shelton Berg, Frost School of Music

Karin Wilkins, School of Communication

Rodolphe el-Khoury, School of Architecture

Laura Kohn-Wood, School of Education and Human Development

David Yellen, School of Law

Cindy Munro, School of Nursing and Health Studies

Roni Avissar, Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric and Earth Science

Student Government (SG) Leaders

Niles Niseem, President

Niles Niseem is a senior majoring in electronic media. As president, he issues orders to executive branch agencies (Category 5, Elections Commission, ECO Agency and What Matters to U), has vetoing power over SG legislation, calls and leads UM undergraduate student meetings as necessary and oversees SG initiatives.

Angela Ansah, Vice President

Angela Ansah is a junior studying marketing and business technology. Ansah assists Niseem with his responsibilities, makes recommendations to the Senate and serves in the Office of the Vice President as administrative coordinator.

Paige-Tatum Hawthorne, Treasurer

Paige-Tatum Hawthorne is a senior management major on the pre-medical track. She creates a budget that is voted on by the Senate,conducts reviews and audits SG expenditures.

David Rubin, Speaker of the Senate

David Rubin is a senior majoring in business technology, finance and real estate. Rubin oversees the Senate, conducts weekly Senate meetings and has ultimate decision-making power for Senate procedures.

Katrina Hernandez, Speaker Pro Tempore

Katrina Hernandez is a junior studying history, political science and psychology. Hernandez coordinates the Council of Chairs and conducts Senate meetings in Rubin’s place if necessary.

Dallas Bennett, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Dallas Bennett is a senior majoring in history. Bennett is in charge of the SG Supreme Court, that interprets and makes rulings on the SG Constitution.

For more information on UM leadership, visit the UM People Directory and the UM SG Website.