An introvert’s guide to UM

The Metrorail and Metromover are a cheap way to explore downtown Miami and try new experiences, both with friends or by yourself. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

From meeting new people to seeing new places for the first time, going to college can be intimidating. If you prefer quiet and your own company, it can be hard to find spots free from crowds and busyness.

Have no fear — there’s more to the 305 than parties and South Beach. Even in a city known for its nightlife and a school known for its parties, there are ways to enjoy it on your own.

Find the right study spot

With a campus as beautiful as UM’s, it would be a shame to spend the majority of your time stuck in your dorm room. While popular study spots include the Shalala Student Center or the first three floors of Richter Library, our campus is packed with hidden gems when you need a change of pace.

For complete silence, try the Richter Library stacks, which you can find by going up an elevator on the second floor. Unwind with the campus cats at Campo Sano near the Arboretum or take a study break at the Allen Hall courtyard behind the Wolfson Communication School.

Adventuring downtown

When you get tired of campus, look outward to the city of Miami. With a Metrorail stop across the street and the free Metromover servicing the downtown area, it’s a cheap way to explore the city and try new experiences, both with friends or by yourself.

“Mostly for me, it has involved stepping outside of my comfort zone and getting involved in things that I didn’t do in high school,” said Brendan Weisbaum, a junior studying music theory and composition.

The center of Miami is full of places to spend time on your own. The main public library downtown has a large collection of books and desks to sit at, keeping you busy and comfy for hours. Along with that, the nearby Miami Seaquarium, Frost Museum of Science and the Perez Art Museum are prime spots for art and wildlife lovers.

Coffee, coffee, coffee!

Miami’s various coffee shops represent the city’s vast and diverse cultural identity. Some of these include GROU Coffee + Cowork, i think she is and Vice City Bean, but there are so many others to explore. Find your favorite spot and take yourself out on a date with your favorite book or project you may be working on.

“Having life going on around you while you get your coffee and sit for a little while is really nice,” biomedical engineering sophomore Mack Matthews said.

Enjoying the outdoors

With warm weather every day of the year, you should take advantage of the sun outside of hurricane season. There are outdoor gardens near campus like the Kampong National Botanical Gardens and Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, which both offer discounted admission for students with a school ID.

Believe it or not, but uncrowded beaches do exist in Miami. For a nice trip, hop on the shuttle in front of Richter Library and enjoy the Rosenstiel School campus on Key Biscayne. A sunrise trip to South Pointe Park or Crandon Park are perfect for a quiet morning on the beach.

Whether you’re an introvert who enjoys solo outings or an extrovert who prefers quieter gatherings, this list will ensure you can enjoy all Miami and UM have to offer.