Why Directioners think 1D will reunite in 2023

Photo credit: Brett Robson – Global Photographics, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Is this too good to be true? All five members of the infamous record-breaking boy band One Direction (1D) are currently in Los Angeles. To Directioners — loyal fans of the boy band — this unique occurrence can mean only one thing: a surprise reunion after the group’s eight-year hiatus.

Rumors of a 1D reunion began when the Late Late Show with James Cordon announced Harry Styles and Will Ferrell as the show’s guests for its final taping on April 27 in LA. Although Harry Styles is just one of five members to make up the English Irish pop boy band, fans of 1D have come across coincidences that seem almost too good to be true.

Louis Tomlinson, another former 1D member, began his world tour “Faith in the Future,” set to run from May 2023 until November 2023. With almost 80 shows, fans were convinced the performer would be too busy to take part in any kind of reunion.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Tomlinson’s team announced that the April tour of Asia was canceled “due to unforeseen circumstances.” The announcement gave no reason for canceling the seven shows.

Since then, Tomlinson has been spotted in LA with fans and friends in bars, events and restaurants all over the city.

Former 1D member Liam Payne has also attended events and appeared on talk shows all over the country in the past few weeks. On April 19, Jamie Scott, an English singer, songwriter and producer, posted an Instagram story with the words “LA bound” and tagged Payne in the post.

Since his abrupt departure from the group, British singer Zayn has always been a mystery. No one really knows where he is or what he is doing. When thinking about a reunion, one can’t help but think what era of 1D will return — the complete five or the final four.

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The final piece to the puzzle is Directioners’ favorite Irish singer, Niall Horan. Horan was supposed to headline Elvis Duran’s European Vacation show in Mallorca, Spain on April 27, but this event was also canceled for “unknown reasons.”

This past year, Horan served as a judge on NBC’s “The Voice,” and is likely to head back to Hollywood, California, only six miles from LA, to continue filming.

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are several more reasons fans think the boys are hinting towards a reunion.

After receiving the Brit Award for “Album of the Year,” Styles thanked each of the band members by name, something he hasn’t done in eight years. After Styles won three Grammys at the 2023 awards show, Payne made a congratulatory post with a photo of Styles with the Grammys in hand.

Payne also accompanied Tomlinson to the premiere of his documentary “All of those Voices,” a film that documents his career and highlights the impact of 1D on his current life.

Just a few months ago, Zayn posted a video of him singing the popular 1D song “Night Changes” on his Instagram page.

Will 1D actually reunite on Thursday, April 27? Probably not. But is the speculation fun? Absolutely.