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Unlimited budget? Go big or go home in Miami

The sky’s the limit when it comes to splurging in Miami. From day trips to nightlife, there are many ways to treat yourself to lavish experiences and luxury goods. If you’re looking to blow off some steam and some cash, look no further than this list of ways to spend lavishly in the Magic City.

Rent a Yacht

Yachts are a Miami staple for the 1%, but college students will find a way to spend a day lounging on a charter through Biscayne Bay. Miami’s charter boat industry is packed with companies offering boat rentals. However, be warned that this activity will cost you a pretty penny — we’re talking $1400 as the baseline.

Gather some friends and split the cost to make this cliche UM boat day come to life. Don’t forget to consider food and beverages if you’re looking for the ultimate day on the water. Check out Yacht Charter & Boat Rentals for rental opportunities.

Dine at the Versace Mansion

Did you know that the Versace Mansion has a restaurant? Guests have the opportunity to experience high-end Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in this stunning dining room. Gianni’s Restaurant offers a grand dining room or poolside deck experience, capped off with high pillars and grand views.

Enjoy a selection of raw oysters and fine wines as you indulge in this one-of-a-kind experience. Be sure to wear resort casual attire for an extravagant lunch or dinner and take advantage of the photo opportunities in this grand estate. Menu information and the hours of operation can be found online.

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Shop in the Miami Design District

If you’re looking to solve your problems with a little retail therapy, look no further than the Miami Design District. With a multitude of high-end brands, you’ll have no trouble finding something to max out your credit card. Brands like Dior, Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Gucci line the modern streets that make up the Design District.

If shopping wasn’t enough to break the bank, be sure to follow up with food or drinks. Restaurants like the Baccarat Boutique Bar and Lounge, Cote Miami and the Dior Café are sure to rack up a decent bill. There’s no limit to opulence at the Miami Design District.

Shop Love Shack Fancy in The Grove

That cute boutique on the corner of Coconut Grove may deceive you when you look at the price of the clothes. While well-made, many of this store’s pieces are around $500. If you’re looking to invest in quality clothing, then this is the place for you! Despite the high price tags, the charming aesthetic of this store is pleasant to walk through even if you won’t spend the equivalent of the UM housing deposit on one dress.

Book a Helicopter Tour

If you fly into Miami, you may be familiar with how magical the city looks from the clouds. To get a more intimate view of the city, consider taking a private helicopter tour. Prices will be at least $100 per person, but if you’ve been saving up, you can tell people that you were in a helicopter in Miami — and that’s not something everyone can say.

Parasail on with Miami Watersports

If you have another $100 to put toward a unique experience, look no further than Miami Watersports for a parasailing adventure. Soar across the Miami skyline as you take in city and ocean views.

Parasailing is typically a partner-adventure, so be sure to consider it for a daring date with a best friend or partner, just make sure they are not afraid of heights! All instruction and equipment is provided— you just show up and pay.

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Brunch at the Biltmore Hotel

Caviar, waffles made-to-order and a stunning display of desserts. The Biltmore Brunch appears perfect at first glance, but some may shy away when they see the $120 per person price.

If you’re looking to dine near the gigantic hotel pool or grab a bite after a round on the property’s golf course, look no further than this unique restaurant. The outdoor and indoor exterior is extraordinary and the excellent food might just make you forget about the price.

Joe’s Stone Crab

This iconic Miami restaurant has been around since 1913 and for good reason. Seafood lovers have to try the chilled and cracked stone crab claws that put this place on the map. However, don’t expect this establishment to come at an “average Joe” price — this restaurant is more of your “fancy Joe” type of place.

The crab alone will run you $50-$135. When you factor in delectable appetizers like stuffed clams or a seafood tower, drinks and dessert, you’ll be looking at a sizable bill. Non-seafood lovers will also break the bank with the $80 New York strip or the $90 bone-in ribeye.

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