Rauw Alejandro and Rosalia’s EP: The E stands for Engaged

Photo credit: Alfred Marroquin, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Grammy award-winning artist Rosalia and Latin Grammy award recipient Rauw Alejandro recently released their first collaborative project as a couple. Following the launch of their three-song EP “RR,” named after the pair’s initials, they creatively announced their engagement in the music video of the principal track, “Beso.”

In their first interview since confirming their relationship status, the couple confessed to Spanish YouTuber Ibai that they would release a project together, but were waiting for the right moment.

Fans didn’t know what to expect from the unit, as their discographies vary drastically. Rosalia is known for putting her unique twist on Spanish flamenco and traditional music, while Alejandro is known for his Puerto Rican “bad boy” reggaeton style. Nonetheless, they both share a love for romance, a recurring theme in their music.

In the interview, the two confirmed their nine-minute project is composed of three songs, with one song symbolizing each year they have shared as a couple.

Opening track “Beso,” which is Spanish for “kiss,” is a romantic, soft reggaeton duet about falling in love and being affectionate. The pre-chorus says “lo mejor que tengo es el amor que me das,” which translates to “the best thing I have is the love that you give me.”

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The track’s music video gave viewers insight into the couple’s private world compiled by a series of never-before-seen, candid clips that are more personal than fans are typically used to.

In the last clip, Rosalia reveals her engagement ring as she records herself during the emotional proposal. The video went viral on social media platforms immediately following its release. Fans were pleasantly surprised by their engagement and now anxiously await what will surely be a wedding to remember.

The next track “Vampiros,” which translates to “Vampires,” is an upbeat reggaeton song that will likely be played in clubs. The song is about having a fun night out with your partner. The production sounds similar to a few of the tracks on Rosalia’s most recent album, “Motomami.”

The last track “Promesa,” which translates to “Promise,” is a favorite because it has a slower, relaxed vibe than the others. The song has an old school, Spanish flamenco feeling that will make you feel like relaxing poolside on a Sunday afternoon. With poetic lyrics that sound like they were taken from a romance novel, this song is the ultimate reflection of their love.

“RR” is more than just an EP — It’s a symbol of Rosalia and Rauw’s relationship. Both artists get creative and vulnerable in their writing and production process, and fans get to experience a glimpse of their love story.