Nails, hair, hips, heels, DragOut

A performer models on stage at the ninth annual performance of DragOut in the Shalala Student Center Grand Ballroom. Photo credit: Dija Thomas

This article was originally published on The Miami Hurricane website on (March 27, 2023).

Performers will soon ready their nails, hair, hips and heels and return to the third floor of Shalala Student Center for the 10th annual DragOut amidst a rise of recent anti-LGBT and anti-drag legislation across the United States.

SpectrUM, the oldest LGBTQ+ student organization at the University of Miami, will host DragOut, continuing its tradition with the 10th annual fundraiser and charity drag show. Student and professional performers will strut the stage on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, from 7 to 9 p.m. in the Shalala Grand Ballroom.

“It’s a charity drag show, so 60% of the funds will go to Trans Lifeline and I’m very excited for that as well, especially with all of the happenings in Florida and the targeting of trans individuals specifically, it feels like a good time to be supporting Trans Lifeline” Taylor Jagolinzer, a marine science and biology junior and SpectrUM’s senator said.

Every year, DragOut supports an organization that provides resources to the South Florida LGBTQ+ community. This year’s proceeds support SpectrUM and Trans Lifeline, a peer support and crisis hotline non-profit organization serving transgender people. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to bring cash tips.

“DragOut is important to me because this organization is important to me. This is such a huge integral part of what we do,” Jarret Lord, a nursing senior and president of SpectrUM said. This has kind of become just a huge part, a huge facet of our identity and it feels important just to keep it going and it’s definitely a lot of work, but in the end, I think it is just a wonderful thing to have something that brings the community together, showcases queer identity and even gives back to the community.”

This year’s theme is DragOutX, a nod to the 10th anniversary of DragOut. Drag is traditionally men dressing femininely referred to as drag queens and women dressing in a masculine fashion called drag kings. But no matter one’s gender identity, drag royalty performs amplified displays of gender.

These performances are known for their extravagant costumes, makeup and dancing styles. Styles can be original or a caricature of a person or character. In past DragOut years, these have included Batman and Chip Skylark from The Fairy OddParents.

At DragOutX, there will be new and returning student performers, a group performance, along with returning drag professionals: CC Glitzer, Spikey Van Dykey and Tiffany Fantasia.

Students compete for the best drag performance with a panel of faculty judges, and this year, student judges as well. Student judges are winners from Drag Jeopardy, a SpectrUM event on the Friday before the performance.

“Getting to see the professional performers display their art and then getting to see our student performers… explore and create and be involved in something that has history all the way back to the 80s, to before the 80s, it’s something that’s been at the foundation of gay liberation,” Jagolinzer said.

DragOut started out in the Rathskeller back in 2013 before expanding into the Shalala Ballrooms. SpectrUM and the LGBTQ Center work together to ensure the event is a success each year.

SpectrUM also has biweekly meetings, including Trans Hangout, one of two exclusive spaces on campus for trans students and students questioning their gender. Other meetings include Ally Series (allowing students to learn from their peers about the community) and general body meetings.

Students interested in learning more about DragOutX or SpectrUM can check out their office on the second floor of Shalala, their Engage page, their Instagram account @miami_spectrum or email them at