Severe car accident next to University Village, two students hospitalized

The wrecked orange Dodge Charger sits on a UV sidewalk following the crash. Photo credit: Caroline Val

At approximately 9:15 p.m. Thursday night, Coral Gables Police Department and UMPD responded to a two-car crash that injured two student pedestrians near University Village.

According to spectators, Donald Chaney, Jr., a UM football player, was driving an orange Dodge Charger down San Amaro Dr. when another student driver turning left from Albenga Ave collided into him. Two young women crossing the street were struck in the crash.

“Both of them were on the ground for a while, one wasn’t moving at first but the other was,” said Darrel Barnes, Jr., a student reporter for UMTV and a spectator at the scene.

According to Barnes, the girl that was moving eventually got back up, and then the other young woman started to move. The paramedics evaluated them for some time and put them on a stretcher.

Neither of the student drivers were severely injured.

“From what we saw, the ambulances didn’t rush out, which most likely means it wasn’t deadly,” Raeden Goldblum, a Lambda member and bystander, said.

“They took them out in a calmer fashion, so hopefully everyone is okay,” Goldblum added.

This is a developing story. Details to be confirmed by Coral Gables Police Department and UMPD.

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