Hairology’s first annual hair show celebrating “Hair-I-Tage”

The Hair-I-Tage will occur on Tuesday, February 7, on the 3rd floor of the Shalala Student Center Photo credit: Camryn Brown

Hairology, in collaboration with multiple student organizations, will be throwing their first annual hair show on Feb. 7, 2023. Scheduled during Black Awareness Month, “Hair-i-tage” will trace the history behind hairstyles and fashion from the African Regions, Afro-Europe, the Caribbean and Afro-Latino communities.

Students will have the opportunity to learn how to book a hairstylist on campus, buy supplies, take classes with masterclass stylists and snap photos in a hair themed photo booth at stations throughout the venue.

Over 30 student models and 10 student hair stylists alongside Hairology’s e-board have come together to showcase a variety of elaborate Afro-Centric hairstyles to present to the University of Miami (UM) community.

“The theme of the show is Hair-i-tage, a play on the word Heritage,” Camryn Brown, the Co-President of Hairology, said. “We aim to showcase, but also educate the audience on how cultural hairstyles have evolved across the African diaspora.”

A total of 10 student organizations have collaborated with Hairology in support of the event. Organizations including the Yellow Rose Society, African Students Union, Black Awareness Month, Distraction, Planet Kreyol-Haitian Student Organization, National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc., Lucha Latina, UFuerza Latino Dance Team and Mission JA will staff stations throughout the event hosting activities and interacting with guests.

Distraction, the magazine of the students of the University of Miami, will be at the hair show with magazines and hole punchers. As students make their way through the stations at the show, organizations will hole punch a card given to them. When the card is completed with hole punches from all the student organizations, participants will get free Insomnia Cookies.

“I hope that the student body gets to see a side of fashion that they might not usually see.” Salvatore Puma, the Managing Editor of Distraction Magazine, said. “To white people we might care about how we style our hair, but the Black community has so much culture tied into their hair styling that UM’s popular ponytails and messy buns just don’t.”

The Black Awareness Month (BAM) Committee selected one person to oversee the Hair Show Committee, Madison Smith. Her job was to give feedback and advise the planning of the event. The BAM Committee will also help during the day-of as well. The BAM Committee Is proud to be part of an event that recognizes and appreciates the culture and beauty of Black hair.

“As a Black woman, our hair is often a source of pain and embarrassment, due to societal pressure to have it perfectly manicured and put-together.” Dahlia Mason, the Chairperson of Black Awareness Month, said. “Seeing Black hair in a positive light reminds me that my hair is nothing to be ashamed of.”

Hairology is a young student organization, founded five years ago. Their mission statement is as follows:

“The purpose of Hairology is to educate the University of Miami community and spread awareness about the diverse array of hair textures and types. We aim to promote the acceptance of all hair in society and inspire individual confidence within our student population.”

Hair is a significant symbol for African-Americans and Hairology hopes to celebrate their culture within UM. Intentionally titled the first annual hair show, Hairology hopes to continue hosting the event in the future.

“I want Hairology to continue to grow and become an organization that attracts students to embrace their natural hair.” Arielle Swilley, the Co-President of Hairology siad. “The maintenance of natural hair can be frustrating sometimes, but I hope that through the hair show, everybody can discover the intimate relationship they can have with their hair.”

Mark your calendars for Feb. 7, 2023 and to check out the first annual hair show “Hair-i-tage” for yourself. Follow @umiami.hairology on Instagram for updates and more information.