REVIEW: Rauw Alejandro’s “Saturno”

Sergio Zyone, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Puerto Rican artist Raul Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz, better known as Rauw Alejandro or Rauleeto, released his sixth studio album “Saturno” on Nov. 11. The album consists of multiple genres, showing the artist’s versatility and growth since his last album, “Vice Versa.”

There are songs that take you back to the 80s and other songs that feel futuristic. The 18-track project takes you on a unique experience that feels like a spaceship ride to “Saturno,” which translates to “Saturn.”

Rauw Alejandro’s 2021 hit single “Todo de Ti” marked a pivotal point in his career that led to his rise in stardom. The hit was the beginning of an era. Fans loved how he put his own spin on 80s dance music and it became his highest charting single on the Billboard charts to date. On this new project, the Puerto Rican artist revisits the same techno-disco rhythms and gives his fans more 80s vibes.

Although Rauw includes many techno and pop songs, he does not forget about his roots in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Old school reggaeton is prominent in this project. He even collaborates with reggaeton pioneer DJ Playero and legends like Baby Rasta and Arcángel while paying homage to his hometown.

“I loved ‘Saturno’ because of the way Rauw was able to mix reggaeton with an 80s vibe and create new sounds that are so addicting. Rauw is super diverse, so it was nice hearing the range of R&B to pop to reggaeton,” senior public health and psychology major Damaris Lopez said.

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The second track of the project, “Punto 40” featuring Baby Rasta, is an old school reggaeton tune that is already taking over Latin clubs. The energizing rhythm makes you want to get up and dance. It was smart to make this the second track and first real song after the short introduction track, “SATURNO.”

Rauw proves that he knows how to get the crowd going with this song. The participation of Baby Rasta is iconic. He adds to the old school reggaeton vibes with his unique sound, with both of their voices complementing each other well.

“Mas De Una Vez” is the third track of the project. The pop rhythm blended with Rauw’s soft singing voice makes a romantic track, which is what Rauw is mainly known for. I like when he goes into falsetto throughout the song, showing that he has the vocals and the flow down. The mix of the song transmits 80s vibes, making the song feel like a blast from the past.

“Lokera,” the album’s final track featuring Lyanno and Brray, is my absolute favorite. It is a catchy reggaeton jam that will get stuck in your head with its catchy chorus. I love the fact that he collaborates with longtime friends Lyanno and Brray. Both of these artists are still underground, so Rauw giving them this exposure will help put them on the U.S. map.

Overall, I give “SATURNO” a solid eight out of ten. The project demonstrates that Rauw Alejandro can make any beat his own by adding his own unique style. The versatility of the album is commendable, as he is one of few artists that can pull off new school, techno and 80s vibes along with old school reggaeton.