REVIEW: Flo Rida headlines 2022 Homecoming concert

Photo credit: Sharron Lou

This year’s Homecoming concert was headlined by none other than Flo Rida. On Nov. 3, UM students packed the Watsco Center for the annual concert, excited to see the world famous rapper along with opener and Frost student in the Music Media and Industries major, junior Carlo Redl.

“We put on the homecoming concert every year,” said Hurricane Productions Concerts Chair Grace Altidor, a senior majoring in health sciences. “It has been happening for over 20 years now. The committee goes through a process selecting the artist and vibe, brainstorming and the same thing goes for the opening.”

After two years without a Homecoming concert, Altidor was impressed with the night’s success.

“I think [the concert] went absolutely amazing, better than I even expected,” Altidor said. “We haven’t had a floor show since 2019, so it really was cool to have that aspect back with a great performer like Flo Rida. He made everyone want to be on the floor.”

Photo credit: Sharron Lou

For his opening set, Redl performed two songs from his EP, covered “Locked out of Heaven” by Bruno Mars and “The Hills” by the Weeknd and even composed a song onstage with help from the audience.

“I was insanely happy, excited and nervous to put on a show for all these people,” Redl said. “Leading up to it, I had no clue what the vibes would be for the concert, but it all sunk in the minute I got on stage.”

Though he knew most of the audience was unfamiliar with his music, Redl received reassurance the moment he heard the crowd cheering anyway.

“Seeing people get excited over the [guitar] solo made me so happy,” Redl said. “This show proved to me that I’m ready for bigger things. The whole set was a blast and I wouldn’t trade that night for anything. I’m forever grateful for the support I got there.”

Following Redl’s spirited performance, everyone held their breath for the main event and Flo Rida did not disappoint.

“I thought the concert was awesome, it was definitely a throwback to 2011 and it was just hype for everyone, a solid 9.9 out of 10,” said sophomore broadcast journalism major Julia Caruolo.

Flo Rida delivered a performance tailored specifically to UM, complete with a UM jersey he later signed and sent off into the crowd. The artist must have been feeling generous because he also gave up his two signed shoes, several shirts, roses, a necklace to one lucky birthday girl and several stacks of one-dollar bills.

Photo credit: Sharron Lou

He also invited UM students, Miami rapper Oya Baby and even his older sister Julia Dillard onto the stage with him for several songs. Performing hits like “Whistle,” “Low,” “Where Them Girls At,” “GDFR,” “Wild Ones” and “My House,” Flo Rida interacted with students on the floor, grabbing phones to take videos and selfies. He was truly a talented and giving performer, who more than once proved to be a loyal UM fan by throwing the U.

“I thought the concert was awesome. I had such a good time. He was such a good performer and it was overall a great experience,” said Cecilia Lockyer, a junior exchange student studying English and theatre.

Without a doubt, the concert marked the end of an incredible night and an unforgettable experience in the Homecoming week.

“It got great feedback and I personally had a great time, so I am really excited for future shows,” Altidor said.