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A guide to fall fragrances

A taste of autumn has struck and with the chill comes all the fall delights — warm coffee, boots and the opportunity to wear layers without dying of the heat. As the seasons change, so do many people’s beauty and hygiene routines. Long hair can be left down and thick moisturizers protect dry skin from the chill.

But what about the fragrances we wear in cooler weather? The following list can serve as an introductory outline on how to take your scents from fresh summer to the brisk, holiday feelings of fall and winter.

Best Introductory Unisex: NEST New York’s Indigo ($28-$82)

Nest’s Indigo is a great introductory perfume to the greater world of fragrance, as it is generally unisex and not too intense. It can also be worn year-round, but performs wonderfully when the weather transitions from summer to fall. Nest’s website describes Indigo as “an exploration of the Mediterranean with notes of Italian lemon, orange bergamot, Moroccan tea, Kashmir wood and wild figs.”

The fragrance also features notes of cardamom and cashmere. The citrus notes keep the opening of the fragrance light, and as its wear progresses, transforms into a soft, cozy tea scent. Imagine wearing a cashmere sweater and drinking a cup of lemon earl grey tea — this fragrance is that.

Best Floral: YSL Libre Intense ($85-$140)

For the floral lovers, Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Libre Intense is where you will find a floral that does not feel overwhelming or seasonally inappropriate. YSL’s website describes Libre Intense as “a floral fragrance with lavender essence, orange blossom and orchid accord.”

The fragrance opens up with orange and lavender, a wonderful aromatic blend that gives way to delicate white florals. Vanilla and tonka bean help ground this fragrance and give it its autumnal flare. This fragrance exudes confidence and commands a room while still maintaining its femininity.

Best Vanilla: Oakcha Kalon ($39.95)

Oakcha’s Kalon is a clone of Maison Francis Kurkdijan’s Gentle Fluidity Gold. Light and airy, Oakcha describes this fragrance with notes of “juniper berry, nutmeg, coriander, musks, ambery woods and vanilla.” It’s a soft vanilla that stands the test of time with an 8+ hour wear, silently whispering “luxury!” It’s perfect for anyone seeking an alluring fragrance that is simple yet makes a statement.

Best Bold Unisex: Mancera Red Tobacco ($95-$180)

This pick is for more experienced fragrance lovers searching for something that grabs attention and fills a room. Mancera’s Red Tobacco is it. Mancera’s website describes it as “an incredibly potent and sexy fragrance that mixes tobacco and spices. A true heat wave.”

The fragrance has many notes, and the standouts are oud wood, saffron, tobacco, cinnamon and amber. It’s a warm spice bomb with incredible lasting power: 12 hours of wear on skin and even longer if sprayed on clothes. It’s especially great for men, but is also a bold choice for women.

Best Splurge: Parfums de Marly Delina Exclusif ($357)

Delina Exclusif is worth the splurge for the season. Straight from the Parfums De Marly website, Delina Exclusif is described as best worn in “fall and winter, for a special evening.” A predominately rose fragrance with top notes of fruity lychee, the base of Delina Exclusif features oud wood, incense, vanilla and amber that transform into a luxurious, deep “jammy” rose effect perfectly suited for colder weather.

With an 8-10 hour wear only requiring 2-3 sprays per wear, Delina Exclusif is a deserving purchase. It is perfect for anyone seeking a deep, autumnal rose that doesn’t pull too fresh or fruity.

Best Affordable: Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa ‘71 ($20-$35)

Sol de Janeiro’s Cheirosa ‘71 body spray is a warm, cozy gourmand fragrance. Sol de Janeiro’s website describes it as “inviting notes of caramelized vanilla, toasted macadamia nut and tonka bean evoke a state of decadent deliciousness for a touch of warmth with every spritz.”

With additional notes of caramel, salt and white chocolate, it is the perfect sweet fragrance for fall. In the best way, it smells like baking a white chocolate macadamia cookie with salted caramel. It is great for people who love the baking and warm coffee shop aesthetics of fall and want to carry that scent with them.

At the end of the day, cool seasons only last so long. But, we can extend our feelings of warm coziness and nostalgia through a seasonal, thoughtful fragrance wardrobe.

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