History in the making: Leonardo DiCaprio’s new “fling” is over the age of 25

Christopher William Adach from Mexico, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Rumors about renowned actor Leonardo DiCaprio and supermodel Gigi Hadid dating have been circulating for months. DiCaprio, 47, is notorious for only dating people under 25 — a running Hollywood joke that has remained true until now.

DiCaprio recently ended things with model Camila Morrone after they were together for four years. It has not been revealed exactly why the couple broke up or when it happened; however, we do know that Morrone had just turned 25 at the time of their split.

It now appears that 27-year-old Hadid has broken DiCaprio’s unspoken “rule.”

Until now, Hadid has remained single since ending her relationship with British singer Zayn Malik in 2021. The couple welcomed their daughter Khai into the world in September 2020 and the two exes are now co-parenting.

Sources have revealed that DiCaprio and Hadid have been hanging out with the same group of friends for months and are beginning to get closer. People Magazine has confirmed this week that DiCaprio and Hadid are “getting to know each other,” although it appears they have been for a while.

In 2019, DiCaprio and Hadid were first seen together at Art Basel Miami in a group setting. Rumors recently began flying around about the two “getting romantic” after being spotted at a members-only club in Manhattan this past July. A source revealed to Page Six that the pair was seen again together at the same club one month later.

Recently, DiCaprio and Hadid were seen “canoodling” and getting cozy with each other at New York Fashion Week (NYFW). The Oscar winner and supermodel were spotted together last Saturday at Casa Cipriani for a NYFW after-party where they “looked very flirty,” according to Entertainment Tonight (ET). Another source told ET, “Gigi and Leo are dating and into each other,” so we have reason to believe this will not be the last time we see them together.

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Creative advertising junior Ava Wrubel ships “DiGi” and thinks they make a great pair.

“At first I was honestly baffled to see them coupled up together, but thinking back on both of their past relationships, it ultimately makes sense for the happiness and well-being of both celebrities,” Wrubel said.

Other UM students, on the other hand, are skeptical of this new relationship and are questioning its sincerity.

“I love them both — Leo is a legend and Gigi is so cool — but I am forever team Gigi and Zayn since they have a kid together and I could actually see them lasting. I think Gigi and Leo are more of a fling and they definitely won’t last,” third-year finance major Gabrielle Delgado said.

Could dating over the age of 25 help DiCaprio settle down? Wherever the relationship goes, don’t be surprised if this Hollywood couple is covered in future textbooks!

Featured image: Christopher William Adach from Mexico, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons