A pasta enthusiast’s guide to Miami eateries

Tagliolini Cacio e Pepe at Casa Tua Cucina on March 5. Photo credit: Amanda Crane

When most tourists think about South Florida they think about beaches, palm trees and the rich culinary scene. Ranging from local joints tucked away in quaint neighborhoods to elaborate restaurants in the bustling city, Miami has much to offer pasta lovers.

In three short weeks, incoming students at the University of Miami will be able to begin exploring the Miami food scene. This article provides a guide to staple restaurants and student favorite pasta dishes to be sure to try throughout the first semester.

1. Havana Harry’s

Havana Harry's seafood pasta on Aug. 18, 2020.
Havana Harry’s seafood pasta on Aug. 18, 2020. Photo credit: Amanda Crane

Havana Harry’s is the local pride of Coral Gables. With authentic and affordable Cuban cuisine and a menu large enough to provide an option to even the pickiest people —Havana Harry’s is a “‘must-go.

Junior, Payton Wynn, explained how students flock to this local delight for large portions of delicious food at a reasonable price.

“Havana Harry’s is such a great restaurant there is always a line out the door,” Wynn said. “Their food is so authentic and I’ve never had something there that I didn’t like.”

2. Greenstreet Cafe

Linguini shrimp at Greenstreet Cafe on March 16, 2022.
Linguini shrimp at Greenstreet Cafe on March 16. Photo credit: Amanda Crane

In the heart of Coconut Grove lies Greenstreet Cafe, a Miami favorite restaurant that serves anything from pancakes to burgers with charming indoor and patio seating. Open from breakfast until late in the evening, the menu offers a lot of variety and around the clock service. Their pasta standouts include lobster ravioli and linguini shrimp.

Alyssa Miller, incoming senior, exclaimed that whenever she approaches Greenstreet and catches the first whiff of truffle sauce and perfectly seasoned salmon she knows she is in for a good meal.

“I love that Greenstreet offers something for everyone at every time of day,” Miller said. “Whether it’s brunch or dinner it always hits the spot.”

3. Strada in the Grove

For a quality Italian restaurant with quaint outdoor seating, Strada in the Grove is the place to go.

Megan Shoffner, a 20-year-old Miami local, has eaten many meals in Coconut Grove. Her ultimate favorite is Strada in the Grove. She explained how it has become her regular place because of its cozy interior and aesthetically pleasing outdoor seating.

“Strada is like a hidden gem in the middle of the crowded grove,” Shoffner said. “With savory food and great vibes it’s always a hit.”

Strada offers high-quality food and service that students can enjoy in a relaxed and artistic environment. It provides great ambiance and works for either a fancy dinner or quaint lunch.

4. Casa Tua Cucina

Tagliolini Cacio e Pepe at Casa Tua Cucina on March 5.
Tagliolini Cacio e Pepe at Casa Tua Cucina on March 5. Photo credit: Amanda Crane

Casa Tua is a fancy and fresh Italian restaurant located in the heart of Brickell City Centre. Featuring a market of fresh ingredients and flowers, it is the perfect place to compliment a day or night of exploring the city’s offerings.

Junior Andie Ungaro, raves about Casa Tua’s homemade pasta, freshly baked bread and her love of the market so she can bring a slice of heaven home.

“I just love the authenticity of the pasta and cuisine at Casa Tua,” Ungaro said. “The ambiance gives the restaurant a real Italian market feel!”

5. Sapore di Mare

For students looking for a unique and high-end dining experience, Sapore di Mare offers pasta served in a parmesan cheese wheel. 20-year-old, Annalise Scorzari, found it to be the perfect place for a fancier night out to fully enjoy the local cuisine.

“Sapore di Mare is a hidden standout in Coconut Grove,” Scorzari said. “My Italian grandpa gave it his full stamp of approval which is rare to come across.”

The options of where to eat in Miami are endless. Although it can feel overwhelming to sift through the endless options, university students will be sure to find their new favorite places. Using these restaurants as base recommendations will help newcomers enter the South Florida restaurant scene with confidence and a side of delicious pasta.