Your guide to the Rae Sremmurd concert

HP Flyer promoting Rae Sremmurd concert on Friday, April 1, at Watsco Center. Photo credit: Hurricane Productions

When Rae Sremmurd arrive at Watsco Center this Friday, many students may wonder what the concert is, how to see them, where to watch and even who Rae Sremmurd are. This article is your guide to Friday night.

Most importantly, students need their Cane Cards and ticket to enter. Students can find tickets in the SASO suite on the second floor of the Shalala Center from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on Friday.

“Bring your smile and you’re going to have fun,” said Lucia Arcuri, a member of HP Concerts and ticket taker. “But don’t forget your Cane Card and your ticket.”

Doors open at 7 p.m. and the concert will begin at 8. The concert will run until about 10 p.m.

Rae Sremmurd will perform on the floor of Watsco while students sit in the first level of the stands facing the artists. Students will not be allowed on the floor due to COVID restrictions.

There will also be water stations.

As The Miami Hurricane reported earlier this month, students had mixed reactions to the choice of Rae Sremmurd.

“We really wanted everyone to be excited about coming back to in-person shows,” said Amanda Costello, chair of HP Concerts.

“We thought they would get people excited about old times and it’s a name that a lot of people know,” Costello said.

Some were unfamiliar with Rae Sremmurd, but encouraged by their past popularity.

“He’s a huge artist on Spotify,” said Michael Castellucci, a sophomore studying marine science and computer science.

“I’m definitely going to check him out,” Castellucci continued.

Mansi Patel, a junior studying math and computer science, knew of them, but hadn’t listened to them in a long time.

“I hope they play their most popular songs because I don’t know the rest,” Patel said.

Other students were more cynical.

“Concerts and who your school brings in is definitely a big form of school pride,” said Tommy Simpson, a freshman marketing major. “A lot of the time the school drops the ball on student life activities.”

When HP Concerts begins to choose the artist, they put out a survey to the student body asking the preferred genre. This year rap won. Afterward, they select from a list of available artists presented by a middleman.

“For people who are unhappy about rap, I would tell them to take the survey,” Costello said. “We do our best to please as many people as possible.”