UniHop: on-campus delivery for UM students

Photo credit: UniHop
University of Miami Sophomore, Kyle Levy, founded UniHop, an on-campus delivery service, in 2020.
University of Miami Sophomore, Kyle Levy, founded UniHop, an on-campus delivery service, in April 2021. Photo credit: Rahul Kumar

University of Miami-based start-up company, UniHop is looking to revolutionize delivery on college campuses. UniHop was founded last year by UM sophomore Kyle Levy after he realized the need for a delivery service uniquely designed for and by college students.

The company coins itself as a college campus logistics service and provides a plethora of delivery services including parcel delivery, same-day shopping and delivery and special occasion packages, such as brunch platters.

Levy says UniHop distinguishes itself from similar services such as Instacart because customers can select the time they want their item delivered instead of selecting a two-hour window. UniHop also allows customers to order items from multiple stores in to assure customer get what they need and not a substitute product.

“I have always been someone who likes to solve problems. If I see a problem that exists, you know, I like to do my best to fix it. Sort of where UniHop started. I had food poisoning my freshman year in the dorms and I was really sick. I had packages at the UPS store, I needed some groceries, I needed my laundry done and I was like, you know, I wish there was a way that I could get all this done,” Levy said.

Since its founding, UniHop has grown to a team of around 15-20 student deliverers also-known-as Hoppers to go along with a student-led marketing team. Hoppers focus on local deliveries that can be made without a car.

“Delivery is a very time-consuming and tiring endeavor so days are very tiring but sort of what powers me is knowing I’m able to help a lot of parents and students,” Levy said.

Sophomore, Dylan Pitt, says working as a Hopper is a fun experience for him because he’s always on and around campus making it an easy job. He says all the Hoppers are in a group chat where they’re messaged delivery times and whoever claims a time first can complete the order.

With the success UniHop has enjoyed so far, Levy has high hopes for the company. Although he says his focus is on making sure the quality of their service in Miami is 100% first, he hopes there will be Hoppers in cities and universities around the U.S. one day.

“People and delivery are first, really focusing on making sure, you know, everything is personalized to what students want, what parents want, what everybody wants,” Levy said.

Levy says UniHop’s growth approach is different from other college services in that they hope to begin at a university and then expand outward to serve the surrounding non-student population. For now, his next goal is to expand within a five-mile radius of UM and then reach other universities in major cities such as Boston and Austin.

While UniHop is certainly in its early stages, there looks to be high hopes for the business given the successes it’s enjoyed so far on campus. Regardless of what heights they reach, Levy and his fellow Hoppers seem to be proud that they’ve not only created a business for themselves, but also given back to the UM community by providing a resource for their fellow ‘Canes.