Wynwood Life festival kicks off art festival season in Miami

Locals are seen enjoying the Wynwood art district. Photo credit: Caroline Val

For the beginning of the most artistic season in Miami, no one knows how to start it off better than its very own art district.

From Feb. 19-20, visitors of the Wynwood Life festival experienced live artists painting graffiti on old cargo ship containers, upcycled clothing being sold and an abundance of cocktails and dishes.

Signs are seen promoting music, food, fashion and art during Wynwood Life festival.
Signs are seen promoting music, food, fashion and art during Wynwood Life festival. Photo credit: Caroline Val

“I think we’re in the right place to have fun,” said Andrea Ciatti, a multidisciplinary Venezuelan artist based in Miami who uses hair combs as a means of painting and illustrating femininity.

“I paint to help people enjoy and celebrate life. So I really hope that when they come here, they just get a little bit of that joy and celebration through my work,” Ciatti continued.

The two-day event, hosted by Wynwood-based production company, SWARM, also emphasized its desire to give back to the community.

This included $2 from every cocktail sold being donated to local charities, Wynwood Life’s partnership with Re-imagining the Arts Worldwide (RAW) working to help serve local, underprivileged schools art programs and highlighting artists and vendors who work to amplify voices of varying backgrounds.

The festivities were not confined to President’s Day weekend only.

For the first 500 guests who checked-in each day of the event, they received a goodie bag with coupons that can be used well into the year at vendors, restaurants and experiences around Wynwood.

Each of the goodie bags were also over $450 in value.

Artists and businesses at the festival ranged from various kinds of purposes and products. Some included astrology-themed fragrances from AstroLab, a live yoga class instructed by Sol Yoga and several female-centric businesses and artists.

“I really love to see the reflection and hear what people think of my art,” said Liora Orli, a Russian artist who paints figurative, minimalist portraits based on women’s sexuality.

“Here I want to give freedom for viewers to find their meaning and give their ideas. Maybe even get some inspiration from it,” Orli continued.

In conjunction with Wynwood Life’s debut, the annual Coconut Grove Art Festival also took place, lasting from Feb. 19-21.

Within the next month, Miami is set to have several art festivals follow in the footsteps of Wynwood.

Some of the most noteworthy include the 37th Annual South Miami Rotary Art Festival set to happen Feb. 26-27, the Coconut Grove Arts & Crafts Festival on Feb. 27, Carnaval on the Mile from March 5-6, the Superfine Art Fair at Miami Beach from March 10-13 and several more.