Phi Mu Alpha’s singing Valentine fundraiser returns in-person, delights students

While many people say that the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, this fraternity believes it is through the diaphragm.

Phi Mu Alpha returned last Thursday to serenade students in classes through their singing Valentine fundraiser. Over the last three days, fraternity brothers entered classrooms surprising the class with a love song.

“This is definitely the event we do that receives the most praise,” said Milan Pasic, the Fraternity Education Officer of Phi Mu Alpha. “I love the look on peoples’ faces while we’re doing it.”

Last year, the fraternity was only able to send virtual singing valentines due to pandemic protocols. This year the fraternity sold out of Valentine’s Day grams for each day.

“It’s so much better to be in person,” said Alex Jashinski, a senior from Kansas City, Kan. majoring in instrumental performance. “We are definitely able to raise more money.”

Over 152 singing valentines were purchased and have been sent between Feb. 11 and Feb. 14. Phi Mu Alpha raised over $1,000 in total, spreading love all over campus during this extended romantic holiday.

“Everybody is definitely getting what they paid for,” said Pasic, a junior from Washington, D.C. majoring in psychology and political science. “Selling out these three days is busy but a good type of busy.”

While signing valentines are meant to be sent to loved ones, some people are using this opportunity to send their appreciation to friends.

“People are completely surprised when they rose the rose even if they are not each other’s Valentine’s,” said Benjamin Eisenberg, a junior music therapy major with a minor in psychology. “They’re super excited they just got a rose and show it off to show it off for the rest of the day.”

The ability to be in classes definitely changed the atmosphere of the lectures. No matter the class, or if there was even a quiz going on, the valentine was destined to be delivered.

“I was completely shocked when they called my name, my face turned so red,” said Mary Weber, a junior chemistry and exercise physiology major who received her singing valentine during a physics discussion quiz. “It definitely lightened the mood of the class and it was really funny to watch because some people were completely unfazed and so focused on the quiz they didn’t even look up.”