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A romantic Valentine’s Day playlist for the lovers

The definition of “love song” reinvents as years pass. Nowadays, few artists make traditional love songs to express their deepest admiration for their significant other, like The Temptations did on “My Girl.” Today’s artists take on a different approach.

Most artists include their own version of a “love song” in their records, no matter the genre. Whether it’s hip-hop or R&B, various artists make sure to capture romantic vibes in their lyrics dedicated to a lover.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, music could be the best way to express how you feel to your Valentine. Below you’ll find a playlist that includes romantic, steamy and vulnerable songs ideal for holiday.


Photo credit: Isabelle Dino

Love Cycle by Toosii ft. Summer Walker

This chill song is what you could call a “freaky” love song. Toosii’s romantic tone and Walker’s beautiful voice make for a sexy track, portraying two lovers “lowkey” missing each other.

East Atlanta Love Letter by 6LACK ft Future

“East Atlanta Love” feels romantic from the beginning. The soft and slow beat crafts the perfect vibe for 6LACK’s soulful voice and Future’s unique tone to make this a song you can dedicate to a partner you love.

Close Friends by Lil Baby

Lil Baby takes on a romantic tone, typically outside-the-box for the hard-hitting rapper and reminisces about when he developed a loving relationship with his significant other.

Love Songs by Kaash Paige

Paige’s soft tone along with the lo-fi type beat makes for a mellow track that confesses romantic feelings for someone who has been distant. This song is definitely one to make feelings obvious about the person you love.

DFMU by Ella Mai

Mai’s unique r&b sound pairs perfectly with the vulnerable lyrics in this song, exuding a gorgeous track that this playlist would be lacking without.

While We’re Young by Jhene Aiko

Aiko’s soothing vocals and passionate lyrics make this song an essential on Valentine’s day. Another track that speaks from the heart, “While We’re Young” and its lyrics are easy to explain your fluttering feelings to a significant other.

Love on the Brain by Rihanna

This might be the most powerful song in the whole playlist. Rihanna’s soulful voice paired with the passionate lyrics makes for a unique love song that one can dedicate to a partner.

Your Love by Nicki Minaj

In this song, Minaj explores her romantic vulnerability as she compliments her significant other’s qualities and confesses her feelings. It’s quite gorgeous and one of the early hits from the typically hard-hitting rapper that dives into the subject of passionate desire.

Hrs and Hrs by Muni Long

Long captured the old school love song vibe in this one. The soulful beat paired with her beautiful voice makes for a song one can play at a wedding. The romantic lyrics are perfect for union.

Get You by Daniel Caesar ft. Kali Uchis

This might be the most popular love song of our generation. The lyrics are what we all want to hear from our significant other. This chill, romantic song will forever be appreciated and slow-danced to by lovers.

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