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UM students react to Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival mass tragedy

On Nov. 5, ten concert-goers tragically died and dozens more were injured at Travis Scott’s annual Astroworld music festival in Houston, Texas.

With the victims spanning ages nine to twenty-seven, the devastating event now referred to as the “Astroworld Festival Tragedy” is currently under investigation by the Houston police department.

The Grammy-nominated and top-charting Houston artist hosted the third annual, two-day festival at the NRG Stadium located in the westside of his hometown. Founded in Nov. 2018, the Astroworld festival is known as the biggest music festival in Houston.

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The first day, Nov. 5, completely sold out, and videos showed a massive crowd of fans enjoying Scott’s performance before things took a chaotic turn.

While some speculate about what may have occurred, the true cause of these deaths remains unknown. Multiple lawsuits were filed accusing both festival organizer Live Nation and founder Travis Scott.

University of Miami students have different opinions on who should be held accountable for the fatalities.

“It’s terrible, but I think social media is putting too much accountability on Travis Scott,” said Joshua Lawrence, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering.

Some concert-goers blame Scott, as he continued performing as people were trampled amidst the chaos.

“There’s no way he couldn’t have seen the ambulances,” said Marianella Grajales, a junior microbiology major.

Others believe the organizers are at fault.

“It’s 80% Live Nation. It’s not his job to control crowds and make sure admissions aren’t at overcapacity,” said Nicholas Stallworth, a senior marketing major. “He doesn’t actually put on the show… at least on the logistical side.”

Kameron Mincey, a sophomore majoring in film and advertising, put it simply.

“I feel like it was easily avoidable, honestly,” Mincey said.

Featured image “Travi$ Scott May 7, 2014 @ Opera House, Toronto” bythecomeupshow is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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