Are Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson dating?

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The chokehold that media-mogul Kim Kardashian and Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson’s rumoured relationship has on social media is quite strong. Fans and pop culture addicts alike took to Twitter and Instagram to discuss whether the unlikely duo is actually a couple.

The first interactions between the two resulted from Kardashian’s appearance on SNL this past month, as the two shared an onscreen kiss spoofing Jasmine and Aladdin from the hit Disney film “Aladdin.”

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The high-profile celebrities shocked fans when they were spotted clutching hands on a roller coaster in southern California only days before Halloween. Although they attended the park with family and friends, including Kardashian’s sister Kourtney Kardashian and her new fiance Travis Barker, spectators couldn’t help but notice the snugness between the two.

Days after, Kardashian flew to Davidson’s home city in Staten Island for a private dining experience at a local pizzeria. The next day, the duo joined friends for yet another meal out, arriving together before the rest of the group.

Kardashian recently filed for divorce from “Donda” album-maker Kanye West, after six years and four children together. Davidson is her first potential romantic interest since the divorce.

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Like the rest of the world, UM students had their own feelings about the matter.

Jodi Kain, a senior majoring in business law and political science, heard about the rumours and doesn’t see Davidson integrating into Kardashian’s family life.

“I’ve heard the rumours on Tik Tok and social media but I highly doubt they’re true,” Kain said. “I don’t think Kim would choose Pete Davidson after her divorce. Although, the man does seem to put some sort of spell on women. I have no idea how he pulls all of these baddies. I don’t see him stepping into a father role with Kim’s family so I don’t think it’s more than a fling.”

Alex Walch, a junior Spanish and international studies major, spoke about why he thinks Davidson may have gone on dates with Kardashian.

“Pete Davidson seems to make people laugh and has an interesting look to him,” Walch said. “So for any woman who has had too many overconfident and perfect looking men who may have not been funny at all, he is the perfect match. For someone like Kardashian who is getting out of a serious relationship with a man who has had many mental health issues, Pete Davidson might seem like a good time. This is something that possibly happened to Ariana Grande and many of the other women he’s snatched.”

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Walch continued by explaining that Davidson definitely has a type of woman he dates.

“I think anyone paired with Pete Davidson is an unlikely pairing,” Walch said. “However, if [the dating rumours] are true, I can officially say that he is into black-fishing women.”

Ellie Perrigo, a senior communication studies major, told The Miami Hurricane that she is questioning Davidson’s relationship choice.

“I love Pete Davidson, but I feel like he should be dating someone that’s less high-maintenance,” Perrigo said.

Perrigo echoed Walch’s sentiment, citing Davidson’s hilarious personality as a potential turn-on for women.

“Pete Davidson is hilarious and probably just makes these women laugh,” Perrigo said.

Luciana Ragolia, a senior BFA musical theater student, echoed the same sentiments as others, believing that the relationship seems awkward.

“I’ve heard that there’s rumours that they might be dating,” Ragolia said. “I think it’s honestly really weird and they look odd together, but Pete really gets whoever he wants which is funny to me. I don’t think he’s a bad looking guy, but I think his humor and personality is probably what swings all of these huge celebrities. I don’t think it’ll last. I don’t even know if I believe that they’re actually together.”

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Keagan Larkins, a senior creative advertising and journalism student, gave his own take on the relationship rumours.

“I think Pete pulls these women because he is very much the type of man people are into right now,” Larkins said. “He’s skinny, looks like he’s living on cigarettes and covered in tattoos. He’s like the bad boy version of Timothee Chalamet.”

Larkins went a step further than other students, explaining his theory that the relationship is fake.

“I think that it might all be a publicity stunt because it seems like such an unlikely pair and after seeing Kardashian’s previous men, I don’t think Pete is her type,” Larkins said.

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The general consensus among students seems to be that a relationship would not last.

“Just look at both of their track records, nothing has really lasted,” Walch said. “Plus, it doesn’t seem like Kim settles for anyone who is white and somewhat built. After all, she has a brand she must keep up with.”

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