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Does Kim Kardashian’s adult film tape have a sequel?

Nobody asked for this, but the sex tape of the century might have a sequel.

Wack 100, label executive of Cash Money Records and Ray J’s former manager, disclosed to The Bootleg Kev Podcast that he has a sequel to the sex tape of Ray J and Kim Kardashian. According to the hip-hop manager, this sex tape is longer and more graphic than the first. While he said he did not want to release it to the public, he did have one particular person he wanted to gift it to: Kanye West.

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“All I know is this, Kanye West, holla at me, bro,” Wack 100 said on the podcast, which aired Sept. 15. “We got part two on the laptop, ain’t never been seen. We’d love for you to have it. It would be a great personal private NFT.”

To many, the offer seemed odd, but he said West’s relationship with Kardashian played a major part in his possible decision.

“Me personally, I would never give it to anybody but Kanye, ’cause that’s the mother of his children,” Wack 100 said.

Wack 100 also stated that Ray J having a family now is the reason he never released the video.

Kardashian and Ray J dated for two years before ending it with a tumultuous breakup. After the two had split, Vivid Entertainment released their sextape made years prior, known as “Kim Kardashian: Superstar.”

While Kardashian did not formally respond, her attorney Marty Singer had a lot to say on the matter.

“The claim that there is an unreleased sex tape is unequivocally false. It is unfortunate that people make these statements to try and get their 15 minutes of fame,” Singer said.

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Ray J, upset with the current news, also responded via Instagram.

“I’m a father now and my job is to be a great parent and put them first. This is not the message I want to send out – smh,” Ray J said.

While Wack 100 has yet to respond directly to his former client, he did have a warning for Singer.

“A message to @kimkardashian attorneys ask your client about ‘SANTA BARBARA’ & the signed deliverables for tape 1, 2 & 3 @rayj can’t control what I NOW control. If I hear 15 minutes of fame again I’ll be forced to display the Signed CONTRACTS #TRYME,” Wack 100 said.

Regardless of how Wack 100 felt about Kardashian and her team, he seemed to deliver what he promised to West after all. He took to Instagram once again, on Sept. 21, to post a photo of West at one of his Donda listening events.

“Great convo my word is good I’ll get it right to you bro like I said I would. I appreciate ya call good hearing from ya,” Wack 100 said in a post caption.

Featured image “Kim Kardashian” by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity Photographer is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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