Graduating senior Daniela Rodriguez advises students to take advantage of everything UM has to offer

Photo credit: Daniela Rodriguez

Daniela Rodriguez is a 2021 graduate of the University of Miami with degrees in anthropology and political science. She is pursuing a startup job in Silicon Valley in the health-tech industry.

Photo credit: Daniela Rodriguez

In Daniela’s words:

Hello! Welcome to the U and Cane family! Once you step on campus you will be presented with a multitude of opportunities. Take advantage of everything you see and are interested in. From clubs, to classes, to the tables in the breezeway. There is an activity for you at UM. Whatever you do, pour your heart into it. That’s when you will see the biggest return in terms of impact and community. Say hello to people you see, you never know when someone needs a smile or friend. Seek out things you are interested in, that’s how I found my place on the Women’s Club Ultimate team and found teammates I get to travel and compete with. Go to all the sports games and cheer on the Canes until you lose your voice.

Speak up for yourself. Go to professors, tell them your interests, use them as guides and make them your mentors. They are here to help you; don’t be nervous of speaking with them. My professors have proved to be some of the most valuable resources for me. Create study groups, it makes studying during finals more fun. Never self-select yourself out either. If you ever think you can’t do something, do it. Then when you do it, you’ll feel that much better about yourself. If you didn’t make it, then at least you tried and you learned something from it. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations where you can grow.

The opportunities are endless at the U, so make your four years worth it; make it some of the most memorable years in your life. It’s all about the U! Love you; go Canes!