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The 7 best superheroes of all time

This week, superhero fans around the world celebrated National Superhero Day, a special holiday set aside to appreciate the incredible cinematic and comic universes that companies such as Marvel and DC have created. Superheroes have become role models for children and adults alike, teaching kindness and saving the world.

The Miami Hurricane thought it was the perfect time to compile a list of the best superheroes in existence to celebrate this week’s holiday. Below, is a list of the seven greatest superheroes of all time, compiled by Staff Culture Writer Alison Mcwalters.

Iron Man

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If sacrificing his life to save the entire world isn’t enough, any of Iron Man’s solo films will convince you.

Not only does Robert Downey Jr. provide incredible one-liners, but his character develops from a self-centered, rich playboy to a genuine and mature hero who puts others before himself. It is equally entertaining and admirable.

Captain America

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As the doctor that chose him says, Steve Rogers is “not just a soldier, but a good man.” His whole reason for enlisting to fight Nazis is that he “doesn’t like bullies,” and he jumps on a grenade to save a bunch of guys that look down on him. Despite being super strong and famous, he always maintains that he’s “just a kid from Brooklyn.”

His ending in the MCU is something most fans agree was incredibly out of character. Steve Rogers would never abandon Bucky (who he spends an entire movie protecting from multiple governments) for a woman who he barely knew and kissed one time.

What happened to “I’m with you till the end of the line?”


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A super rich guy actually using his money to help people—without even taking credit for it—is a valid reason to give Batman a place on this list. He’s got a great costume, cool gadgets and a wholesome relationship with his butler.

His franchise contains one of the greatest archenemies of all time with the Joker, and has a bunch of great allies that become his objectively adorable and rag tag surrogate family.

Wonder Woman

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First of all, she comes from an island exclusively populated by female warriors with incredible strength and abilities. That’s incredible as it is.

Pair that with the fact that she uses her powers to absolutely destroy both the schemes and egos of corrupt and evil men. She’s everything.


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He’s broke. He’s young. He’s a little awkward. He is perhaps the most relatable superhero for the average college student.

While some say his tragic backstory is a little overplayed, I have to disagree. His growth from a reckless and angry vigilante to a genuine saving-the-day superhero simply wouldn’t happen without his grief over Uncle Ben’s death.

We also can’t ignore that he’s raised by the iconic Aunt May.


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Technically he’s an antihero, but still. He’s funny and has the best fourth wall breaks from any character I’ve seen.

Plus, he’s played by Ryan Reynolds in the movies, which definitely doesn’t hurt.


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As a huge X-Men fan, I might be a little biased, but Wolverine does plenty to prove he’s deserving of a spot on this list. A tragic backstory and sick powers are always a solid start for a superhero.

Wolverine really earns his status when he’s forced to kill the love of his life—while being disintegrated by her and simultaneously stitching his body back together—to save others. And that’s before he has to go back in time and save everyone he has ever known.

Featured image “The Boston Superheroes Project” by WBUR is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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