Netflix’s ‘Ginny and Georgia’ slammed by pop star Taylor Swift

Photo credit: Twitter, @taylorswift

“Ginny and Georgia,” a brand new Netflix comedy-drama that debuted in late February, received criticism for misogynist jokes targeted at pop superstar Taylor Swift.

The 10-episode Netflix original series follows 15-year-old Virginia “Ginny” Miller (Antonia Gentry) and her mother Georgia (Brynne Howey) as they pack up their lives and move to a new town. The series gained traction quickly on the streaming platform, reaching the top trending spot shortly after its release.

The controversy surrounding “Ginny and Georgia” began only a week after its Feb. 24 debut. Swift, whose name is mentioned in the series as the butt of a joke, took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with this “deeply sexist joke” alongside a screenshot of the scene.

The scene includes Ginny Miller saying to her mother, Georgia, “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.”

Swift criticized Netflix, telling them that this doesn’t look good for them following their promotion of her 2020 documentary film “Miss Americana.”

#RESPECTTAYLORSWIFT began trending on Twitter shortly after as fans came to support her.

One fan, @ElisetheSwiftie, tweeted in Swift’s defense, saying “the fact that platforms like @Netflix continue to use Taylor Swift as a punchline for misogynistic and sexist comments, which I might add, would never be said about a male, is the reason we continue to take 3 steps backward for every step forward in feminism.”

Nonetheless, fans of “Ginny and Georgia” were also quick to come to its defense.

One user tweeted that the quote from the show wasn’t sexist and the “same joke has been made about a thousand different male celebrities.”

Although none of the show’s directors and producers have commented about Swift’s tweet, Gentry posted a picture on Instagram thanking her fans for supporting her and the show. Gentry didn’t refer to Swift in her post but mentioned how thankful she is to play her character and that she fell in love with Ginny Miller.

As of right now, both “Ginny and Georgia” and “Miss Americana” continue to be marketed on Netflix.