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‘What I’d wear front row’ trend allows TikTokers to celebrate NYFW from home

With COVID-19 making “normal life” a thing of the past, fashion fiends and casual viewers alike were left missing the experience of watching the year’s trends come alive at the typically star-studded New York Fashion Week. Thankfully, TikTok came to the rescue, with creators showing off their best “what I would wear front row” looks to Britney Spears’ “Gimme More.”

Many users showed off their designer knowledge with classic black and white Chanel pieces, layered Gucci looks that flawlessly mix patterns and Dior styles that combine feminine sophistication with elegant simplicity. Others took it to the next level, adding their own flair to the iconic designer looks we all know and love.

Here are some of my personal favorites:


Nigerian-born TikToker-turned-IMG-model Wisdom Kaye shows off incredibly curated styles, expertly combining pieces in ways that reflect the brand while still keeping things simple. His Rick Owens look—complete with a blue puffer and the designer’s signature huge platforms— is especially well done.


User @itszuose takes a unique, campy approach to the trend, blending their own unique style with the signature looks of famous designers. Their bold accessories and blend of masculine and feminine elements combine to create front row looks that would be absolutely unforgettable beside an actual NYFW runway.


Eve Lily uses thrifted pieces to create outfits that perfectly capture the essence of Chanel, Betsey Johnson, Valentino and Alexander McQueen in her second post dedicated to this trend. Her colorful and whimsical Betsey Johnson look— complete with funky patterns and socks with sandals— really hits the mark.


TikToker Leonie Hanne exhibited her high-fashion taste, pulling out Prada boots, a Louis Vuitton puffer and Valentino flats for her version of the “what I’d wear” trend. Not one to shy away from showing off her extensive collection of designer pieces, she accessorized each look with a purse of the same brand.


Nava Rose is absolutely stunning in every one of her designer pieces and well-constructed outfits, but her best look is one dedicated to the brand Versace. She put together an all black ensemble with thigh-high lace-up boots and paired it perfectly with lots of gold accessories. Gianni Versace himself would be proud.


Creator @scarfxce.xo flaunts several mostly monochromatic looks, including a gorgeous powder blue suit perfect for sitting front row at Gucci and a classy, chic black and grey look that would fit in perfectly at a Saint Laurent catwalk.

Dozens of other users created unique and fun versions of this trend during NYFW, shorted this year to only Feb. 14-17, providing plenty of front row content that was otherwise lacking.

Clothes used for this trend varied from vintage to second-hand to authentic designer, showing viewers that they can put together a front-row-worthy look that still allows them to cater to individual style, regardless of budget.

Featured images from @race.dont.matter and @evelilythrifts on tiktok.

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