Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the COVID-era can be tricky but possible

This year the world is experiencing a manufactured shift in feelings as couples, friends, and entanglements celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The pandemic has changed the outlook of dating and has certainly shifted something in relationships of any kind. How are we supposed to feel about this day when our national theme for the past year, and likely the next, is social distancing and isolation?

If we forget the materialistic gains and the capitalistic outlook that has permeated the meaning of Valentine’s Day, we can find that this day can be one of healing. So many of us have faced loss, grief, stress, anxiety and countless emotions that are more than valid. Despite all this, we have been forced to continue with the societal rituals of life, which causes some of us to become lackadaisical in our emotions and introspection. Valentine’s Day can be a needed day for us all to celebrate something sweet.

Coupled folks should not only plan their typical V-day date but carve out time to have a conversation about feelings, new and old.

Connecting with others can be a great way to celebrate the day. Much like everything we do, dating has become an online venture. Apps like Tinder, Hinge and Bumble have all seen a spike in registered users since the beginning of the pandemic and can be helpful tools to vet out potential love interests. If you’re also just trying to meet a friend or study buddy to help get through the semester, the apps work great too: Bumble has a BFF feature that links you with other people trying to make friends!

If you are not the dating app type or feel like they aren’t for you, then don’t let the day pass without doing something for yourself! Whether that’s staying in bed all day binging Netflix or having a personal paint and sip night, any activity that is in celebration of your needs and desires will do.

Whether you are single or coupled, there are ways to enjoy this day and celebrate the love we have in our lives and the love we are still yet to discover. The Miami Hurricane hopes you and yours have the happiest Valentine’s Day.

Featured image by Kumar’s Edit via Flickr.