On day of deadline, 3,413 UM students still have not gotten flu shots

As part of their reopening plan, the University of Miami made it mandatory for all students, faculty and staff who intend on being on campus during the spring semester to receive a flu vaccine. The deadline to submit proof of vaccination was Nov. 16. As of that deadline, 9,433 students have been vaccinated while 3,413 students still need to be, according to the university.

Over text, UM’s Vice President for Student Affairs Patricia Whitely said that registration holds will be placed on any students who have not received their vaccine.

Since the start of the semester, UM has stressed the importance of getting a flu vaccine. On Sept. 16, President Julio Frenk sent out a video message reminding students that it was mandatory.

“Symptoms for the seasonal flu are similar to those for Covid-19, which would complicate our testing, tracking and tracing efforts,” Frenk said in the video message. Frenk also stated that it was necessary because it is not clear how Covid-19 and the season flu will interact, and reducing the demand for health care due to the flu will be beneficial during the pandemic.

Over the past month, students who were not in compliance with the flu vaccine mandate received repeated emails reminding them to get the shot. Although the deadline was Nov. 16, Student Health will continue to provide flu vaccines until Nov. 20. Individuals who still intend to receive one can stop by the Pavia garage weekdays from 8 a.m to 5 p.m.