How to stay spooky during Covid-19

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There are less than two weeks before Oct. 31, and some of us are still trying to figure out ways in which we can somehow stay spooky despite the coronavirus pandemic. Well, worry not.

Though current social distancing protocol may deter us from attending those rowdy Halloween parties we’ve heard so much about or giving out home-baked treats to the masses, there is still an array of ways to capture the ghostly, eerie vibes we have waited all year for.

Below, you’ll find a checklist of seven simple things we can all do to get (and stay) spooky this Halloween.

Dorm decor

Make this October special by covering your dorm room with Halloween-spirited props, often available for budget-friendly prices on Amazon or local convenience stores. No matter where your props range on the creepy-meter, from a smiling bat illustration to a blood-sucking zombie baby doll, having two to three of them will definitely liven up this month’s spooky atmosphere for you and your roommate.

Abhirami Sriganeshan and her roommate Mikhala Stepek, both freshman at the University of Miami, put together a spooky door mural for visitors to admire this Halloween season.
Abhirami Sriganeshan and her roommate Mikhala Stepek, both freshmen at the University of Miami, put together a spooky door mural for visitors to admire this Halloween season. Photo credit: Jena Manning

As a bonus, liven things up with homemade, Halloween-themed door decorations so so that the passersby can get in the spirit, too.

Pumpkin carving

Head to your local Walmart and buy carving pumpkins for less than 4 dollars each. With a small group of friends, you can each draw whatever creative illustrations you’d like onto your pumpkin, whether that be the traditional triangular-shaped pumpkin face or a portrait of your biggest idol. The last step is carving (but make sure to get the gushy pumpkin flesh out first!).

Once the carving process is done, have your spooky pumpkin hangout in your dorm or at the entrance of your door for all to see.

Enter another world at ARTECHOUSE

Explore a surreal, innovative space of art and technology at Miami Beach’s ARTECHOUSE. Until the end of this month, award-winning artist Refik Anadol’s exhibit “Infinite Space”— which has been seen by more than 1 million people around the world— will be available to any audiences who want to explore its “data sets from memories, culture and space.”

If you plan a trip here, be ready to view some unreal, spooky presentations of human memories and dreams “through the mind of a machine.” Students can book their tickets here for $15.

Book a psychic reading

Just in the Miami area, there are several highly-rated psychic businesses nearby, including The Oracle and Celestial Treasures, with psychics who are willing to reveal your future or clarify any unclear events going on in your life at the moment.

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On the other hand, you might just know a psychic tarot card reader on campus, and it could possibly be you! Invest in some tarot cards from Amazon or your local Barnes and Noble and start engaging in this spooky art form!

Discover the intruder “Among Us”

“Among Us” is an eerie online multiplayer game that has started to gain popularity on social media platforms. In this murder mystery game, you either play as a crewmate on a spaceship or as an alien imposter who is also onboard, and none of the players really know who’s who.

While the crewmates tend to their spaceship, it is the imposter’s goal to kill them off before they arrive home. “Among Us” is essentially a game of teamwork and betrayal, as the surviving crew struggles to discover who the alien imposter is.

Anyone can download this spooky game for free on the App Store or Google Play. You can either play online or over local WiFi in a group of four to 10 players. So, gather some friends, and start trying to uncover who the intruder is…among us.

Horror movie marathon

From “The Shining” to “Friday the 13th” to Jordan Peele’s all-famous “Get Out,” it is never too late to re-watch a few frightening classics for the sake of the Halloween spirit.

Gather a few friends to watch several hours’ worth of horror movie content and prepare to recoil in fear. Oh, and don’t forget to bring some popcorn!

If you’re not sure where to begin, TMH has you covered. Click here for senior staff writer Jarrod Houseknecht’s list of “18 Netflix thrillers for a socially-distant Halloween.”

It’s never too late to dress up and be a candy claus!

What’s a spooky Halloween without costumes and candy? Make an effort this year to dress up and walk around campus as a princess, a monster or your favorite cartoon character this Oct. 31. Better yet, coordinate costumes with your friends and make it a group effort.

Whatever you decide, it does not hurt to drop off some Starbursts or Snickers bars by dorm doors. Let this Halloween be a spooky one for you and for all!