A covid-friendly, wallet-friendly guide to Halloween costumes

Photo credit: Alison Mcwalters

Covid-19 has stripped a lot of fun out of 2020, but I, for one, do not intend to let it steal Halloween, too. Whether going out or staying in, a costume is in order. So, for those of you who share my “no one can take spooky season from me” mindset, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, you’ll find a few cute-yet-Covid-friendly looks that any college student can afford.


If you are going for a totally classic costume, a mummy is the way to go this year. Cut one or two white tees into strips to create the look, then use the extra strips of fabric to jazz up a boring mask and tie the whole look together.

Photo credit: Alison Mcwalters

The Joker

If you are in the mood to play the bad guy for a night, there’s no villain more iconic than the Joker. All you need is whatever purple and green outfit already hanging in your closet, green hairspray and a white mask. Paint or draw a creepy, disheveled red smile on top, and you’re ready to go!

Photo credit: Alison Mcwalters


Conversely, if you’re looking to be the hero, there is no shortage of mask-wearing vigilantes to take inspiration from. However, I’m personally biased towards a Covid-ready Spiderman.

All you need is a pair of blue leggings, a red top, red mask and a black marker. Do your best to draw the iconic spider logo on the shirts chest, and maybe add some web lines if you’re feeling artistic.


For something feminine and fun, a cute pirate is an easy DIY. Pair a white, flowy blouse with a black skirt, red accessories and gold hoops. You’ll still need to wear a mask, but covering it with a bandana perfectly completes the look.


Or, if you’re looking for something with a more sharp and chic vibe, a masked ninja is perfect for a college student’s quarantine costume. Add red accents to a fitted, all black ensemble with a black mask, and you’re set.

Photo credit: Alison Mcwalters


For the kind of person who needs to pull together a cute costume last minute, a simple skeleton costume is always a fan-favorite. Take an oversized black tee and paint on some white ribs and a spine, and you have a skeleton.

To fit this year’s circumstances, grab a simple black mask and paint some white ovals for teeth, an upside down heart outline for a nose and a squiggly jaw line.

Though this year’s Halloween is definitely unlike any other, it is a great chance to get creative in making the best of an unfortunate situation. While a lack of parties is quite the let down, there are still a ton of ways to enjoy the season while staying safe and wearing a super cute (and cheap) costume!

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