Route 59 empty

Isabella Popadiuk
Illinois Route 59
4:51 p.m. Thursday, April 1

Route 59 Empty

This street is one of the longest and busiest in the Chicago suburbs. Running 71.13 miles long, Route 59 is usually crowded during rush hour and now there is only a light flow of traffic driving. In some places Route 59 was expanded to six lanes to accommodate heavy traffic congestion. This specific area of the street is in Streamwood, Illinois, where Route 59 is 36 miles.

Illinois Route 59 attracts a lot of fast speeding and reckless drivers that cause a great number of accidents on this road every year. One week ago a car lost control, went off the road and knocked down a powerline causing my house to not have power for a few hours until they fixed the line. It is a weird feeling witnessing such a busy street seem very empty compared to the usual.

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