The street where you live: Changing scenery in the time of coronavirus

Since the coronavirus outbreak struck the United States, infecting upwards of 450,000 people and killing more than 16,000, life looks different. Home looks different now, too, as the view outside many windows has changed in response to the pandemic.

All but nine governors have issued mandatory stay-at-home orders, urging their constituents to stay inside. With most people isolated in their homes, many streets are much quieter than usual, often completely empty. Cars stay parked in the driveway except to travel to the grocery store and people stay locked inside except for the occasional walk around the block.

Many people in America aren’t used to seeing so much stillness; familiar views might start to feel foreign.

For “The street where you live,” Miami Hurricane reporters quarantining around the country took photos of their neighborhood and reported on how the scenery in their town has changed in the age of coronavirus.

Click on one of the images below to see a report from the correspondent living on or near that street.