Are New Yorkers making New Jersey sicker?

Parker Gimbel
Ocean City, New Jersey
2 p.m. March 26, 2020

Are New Yorkers making New Jersey sicker?

New Jersey now has the second highest count of positive coronavirus tests in the United States. On Thursday, the state reported 6,876 reported cases, including nearly 2,500 positive test results that day.  

Some fear the spread can be attributed to an influx of New Yorkers looking to escape the rampant outbreak that has overtaken much of Manhattan and its surrounding areas.  New York, with nearly 45,000 cases, is called the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States.

Families with New Jersey beach houses looking for a safe haven have taken to fleeing for safety as New York’s spread continues with unprecedented speed.

The electronic billboards at Times Square are advertising to nobody as the New York populace continues its quarantine. But with the positive count in both New York and New Jersey rising by the day, it is clear some are fleeing the Big Apple to the shore to avoid the spread in the high density metropolis.

The first case of coronavirus in Cape May County, the southernmost region of New Jersey and home to Atlantic City and various beach towns, was reported March 18, according to

A 30-year-old man visiting from New York had contracted the virus in the city only to spread it to a previously unscathed territory. Today Cape May County has confirmed five positive tests, while the actual number of cases is likely far higher.

Ocean City, my hometown, is busier than usual this time of year. Cars are careening down our streets and families are settling into their vacation homes while businesses shutter to dampen the spread.

The damage is likely already done, as New Jersey’s case total has reached a point where tracking and stemming the virus’ person-to-person spread is likely no longer viable.

Now all we can do is continue practicing social distancing and hope that the rest of New York stays home before my small beach town and many like it are overrun with the disease.

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