Introducing The Hurricane’s newest blog: ‘Canes Covering Coronavirus’

The Miami Hurricane staff isn’t taking a break during quarantine. In fact, we think it’s more important than ever to double down on our passions for quality journalism and unique storytelling.

That’s why we’re starting a new blog called “Canes Covering Coronavirus.”

The blog, which will launch Friday, features entries from Hurricane reporters around the globe as they document what it’s like to live through the coronavirus pandemic. Each post aims to explore how different people in different parts of the world are coping with the challenges, changes and unusual situations brought on by COVID-19.

With input from nearly 40 writers, “Canes Covering Coronavirus” will offer readers an array of viewpoints. Contributors are writing from several locations— Florida, New York, Arkansas, California, and Brazil, just to name a few— turning the blog into a mosaic of varied experiences.

Combining observational reporting with personal anecdotes, writers will cover everything from light-hearted stories about how they’re dealing with online classes to more serious explorations of the anxieties arising from living through this pandemic as a young person.

In addition, reporters will cover challenges specific to their location, including food shortages and political tensions. “Canes Covering Coronavirus” seeks to offer first-hand experiences and personal perspectives that reflect how coronavirus has impacted different places.

In addition to text entries, the blog will contain multimedia features such as photo, video and an interactive map that allows users to view posts based on the writer’s location.

These are unprecedented times for us as students, journalists and people. We hope that “Canes Covering Coronavirus” offers both entertainment and understanding to our readers.

Update: The blog is now live! Click here to read the latest entries.