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Get a pizza’ this: Four restaurants to try this National Pizza Day

It is that time of year again: classes are picking up speed, midterm season is almost underway and there is still a month before unwinding on the beach during Spring Break becomes a reality.

So, if you need a strong reason to celebrate getting through this week, here is one that involves a generous amount of bread, cheese and comfort: National Pizza Day is Sunday, Feb. 9th.

Whether you are looking for a post-Miami Marathon treat or just want a pizza to eat away the stress of college, everyone deserves a break now and then. Here are four pizza restaurants in Miami to grab a slice or two–– or a whole pie.

1. Frankie’s Pizza

Photo credit: facebook, @Frankie's Pizza Miami Florida

Open from 11 am Tuesday through Sunday, this family-owned pizzeria has been around since the 1950’s. Frankie’s is known for their square pies instead of round, which sets them apart from other pizza places in Miami.

Try their classic pepperoni pie or choose any toppings you’d like. A tomato and cheese slice is $1.50, with prices increasing roughly 15 cents for every added topping

While Frankie’s does not have a special deal this National Pizza Day, they always offer 10% off on their “half-baked” pies: partially-baked pizzas that you can purchase at a discounted price and finish baking at home.

Frankie’s Pizza. 9118 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33165

2. Piola Brickell

Photo credit: facebook, @Piola Miami-Brickell

When it comes to well-known pizza places in Miami, Piola is a go-to for tourists and natives alike. This restaurant initially opened in 1986 in Treviso, Italy, and due to its success, eventually made its way to the United States.

Piola’s artisan pizza pies are baked in a fire-brick oven and come in an array of inventive flavor combinations such as the “Brooklyn,” which has oven-baked, pulled chicken breast, gorgonzola cheese and broccoli.

Piola switches things up by pairing flavors together that others ordinarily wouldn’t.

By using different types of cheeses per pie, for example, Piola experiments with acidity levels, milk-fat and moisture content. They pair these cheeses with an unlikely vegetable, meat or herb in order to complement the other ingredients.

Daniela Perez, a University of Miami senior studying Journalism and Political Science, used to work at one of Piola’s locations.

She likes to order a Capricciosa-style pizza from Piola, and customize it with different toppings.

“I like to order it with spicy salami and Curitiba Brazilian cheese,” Perez said. “But the regular Capricciosa is just as amazing.”

Piola’s artisan pizzas are $12 – $17 in range.

Piola (Brickell). 1250 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130

3. Miami’s Best Pizza

Photo credit: facebook, @Miami's Best Pizza

It goes without saying that Miami’s Best Pizza is a classic spot for many University of Miami students. The restaurant’s New York-style pies are popular among many pizza lovers in Miami, and the business has thrived since its opening in the 1970’s.

Miami’s Best Pizza interior has a no-frills, homey atmosphere that makes for the perfect setting to chow down on some seriously good pizza.

According to their website, they hand-roll the pizza dough daily. So, customers can expect fresh-tasting bread to support the many toppings this restaurant offers.

Give their “Miami’s Best Special” a try: a pie with pepperoni ham, mushrooms, onions, Italian sausage and green peppers.

If you prefer to build your own, Miami’s Best Pizza prices their pies by the number of toppings and pizza diameter. A basic slice is $3.50.

My go-to order is a 10” cheese pizza, with pepperoni and torn basil leaves. Talk about a delicious pie.

Miami’s Best Pizza. 5833 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Coral Gables, FL 33146

4. Rey Pizza (Little Havana)

Photo credit: facebook, @Reys Pizza

Unlike other pizzerias in Miami, Rey Pizza sets itself apart with the unique way they craft their pies. Similar to how the deep-dish pizza is native to Chicago, or the thin slice to New York, Rey Pizza is known for their Cuban-style pizzas.

Rey Pizza began making Cuban pizzas in 1985 in their Little Havana restaurant, the only location at the time. Ramón Rodriguez, a Cuban immigrant and founder of Rey Pizza, named it after the Spanish word for “king”.

Now, Rey Pizza has nine locations throughout Miami, the most popular still in Little Havana.

If you’ve never tried a Cuban-style pizza, what can you expect? According to an article by Eater Miami, a Cuban pizza differs from traditional pizzas in the details of its ingredients. For example, the density of the pizza dough, the types of cheese used or how the toppings are baked into the cheese as opposed to sprinkled on top may differ.

When it comes to toppings, Rey Pizza offers traditional favorites such as pepperoni, onions and mushrooms. They also offer unique toppings that are reminiscent of Cuban food: platanos maduros (fried green plantains), shrimp, picadillo ground beef and chorizo.

Nicholas Leira, a UM senior of Cuban heritage, said he recommends Rey Pizza for those who want to try something new.

“Cuba has its own signature style of pizza, like what Rey’s has to offer,” he said. “You simply can’t get that anywhere else in Miami.”

Rey Pizza is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Rey Pizza (Little Havana). 2391 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33135

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