The ideal self-care routine based on your moon sign

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Being in college, it is easy to forget about maintaining a healthy self care routine. Unfortunately, with the stress of studying, late nights and early mornings, college is also the time you most need one. And with it being the beginning of a new year, semester and decade, now is the perfect time to perfect yours.

Thanks to our dear friend astrology, you can look to the moon for that. Your moon sign determines how you deal with emotions when no one is around. So, it is only right to look to this sign to dictate how to best care for yourself.

First, look to to find out what exactly your sign is. Once you know that, keep reading.

Aries Moon: Getting out aggression is very important for this sign. People with Aries placements tend to build up a lot of stress, and it manifests itself physically. Exercise is a great way to release that energy. Afterwards, this placement should try a muscle and head massage to completely unwind.

Taurus Moon: This moon sign is all about luxury and comfort. Indulging– whether that be in food or satin sheets– is what makes this sign feel at its best. Being surrounded by familiar settings put Taurus Moons at ease due to their innate love for comfort. They should invest in creating a “zen” space to come back to and unwind.

Gemini Moon: The best remedies to relax a Gemini Moon are socialization and being around loved ones. Gemini is a very social sign, so isolation can cause people with this sign to feel more stressed out and sad than usual. Having a sleepover or wine night with close friends can refresh and regenerate a Gemini Moon.

Cancer Moon: Cancer placements are seen as one of the most nurturing signs. Because of this, they often forget about themselves and their own self care. Meditation is a great technique for people with this moon sign because it allows them to focus energy on themselves. Practicing mindfulness and meditative breathing are just some of the many meditation practices to try. Also, if possible, getting a furry friend for comfort is very beneficial for Cancer Moons.

Leo Moon: For a Leo Moon, it is very important for to feel beautiful from the inside out. Creating a personalized skin care routine, lathering their bodies in essential oils and doing hair masks are just some of the ways Leo Moons can feel the best about themselves. Leo Moons, being a very creative sign, also need to express their creative side. By pouring negative energy into art, it allows them to release that energy in a positive way.

Virgo Moon: People with a Virgo Moon may tend to feel overwhelmed when the space around them reflects their chaotic state. Someone with this placement should take time to clean up and organize in order to feel more in control. This creates emotional and mental security in a Virgo Moon. Listening to self-care audiobooks while cleaning makes for great mental stimulation for a person with this placement.

Libra Moon: As a Libra Moon, this sign thrives with partnership and beauty. It is imperative for people with Libra Moon placements to be surrounded by luxurious items and surroundings, but also to share these experiences with someone else. Libra Moons should treat themselves to a spending spree with their favorite person. Afterwards, they would benefit from gazing in the mirror at themselves wearing the new items. Doing this, along with some positive body affirmations, is a great form of self admiration and care for Libra Moons.

Scorpio Moon: People with this placement tend to feel emotions very deeply. By the same token, they are also a very sensual sign. Tapping into this sensuality can help to ease a Scorpio Moon’s intense emotions. Sensual activities– such as taking nude pictures, doing a sexy dance in the mirror and/or taking a pole dancing class– can tap a Scorpio Moon into her inner goddess and make her feel a lot better mentally.

Sagittarius Moon: When thinking of Sagittarius placements, adventure is often the first word that comes to mind. Spending time outdoors can really rejuvenate this sign. They love to learn and gain wisdom from experiences, so exploring new places when feeling down can remind people with this placement that there is always more to discover in the world.

Capricorn Moon: Capricorn Moons thrive on stability and control. When lacking either of these, someone with this placement would benefit from journaling and reconnecting with those emotions. People with these placements often forget to check in with themselves emotionally, so making lists, responding to writing prompts and self reflecting are all great options for self care.

Aquarius Moon: Aquarians flourish when trying new things. People with Aquarius placements tend to be deemed as the “weirdo” of the zodiac; however, they are far from it. Aquarius Moons are very experimental people who need to stay mentally stimulated in order to be emotionally at ease. Aquarius Moons should try switching up their daily schedule in order to avoid boredom or try picking up a new mentally-stimulating hobby.

Pisces Moon: Ruled by water, people with Pisces placements tend to absorb the emotions of others. When in dire need of self care, a person with this placement would benefit from taking a hot bath. Physically and symbolically washing away the energies of the day is a great start, and adding a CBD bath bomb is even better.

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