AGLO hosts ‘Parents United to Stop Hazing’

Maxwell Gruver. Timothy Piazza. Andrew Coffey. These are just a few of the names whose lives were claimed by hazing in college. The Association of Greek Letter Organizations sponsored “Parents United to Stop Hazing,” to raise awareness about hazing in Greek Life around the country. Gruver’s and Coffey’s mothers presented the presentation on Tuesday night, Nov. 12.

“It’s the last time I felt his arms around me giving me a huge hug,” said Rae Ann Gruver as she reminisced about the last photo she took of her son. She recalled favorite rappers they shared and laughed about good times all while the tears fell from her eyes.

“They singled him out,” said Gruver.

The two women spoke to leaders and students from every Greek-letter organization on campus. They urged the audience to practice what they preach. If they’re going to call them a brother or sister, then treat them like it.

This presentation comes at a time where there have been four fraternity deaths this month and two this week alone at different universities around the country. The women hope to change Greek Life recruitment and fraternity rush to prevent hazing from taking another college student’s life.