Cookies and Conversation: National Organization for Women to discuss pending gender-pay discrimination lawsuit

University of Miami’s National Organization for Women, also known as NOW, will host an event on Oct. 23 called “Cookies and Conversation” at 8 p.m.

The event will focus primarily on discussing the lawsuit UM is facing from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for gender-based discrimination on the behalf of political science professor Louise Davidson-Schmich. At “Cookies and Conversation,” NOW will provide cookie decorations, welcome gender-based discrimination conversations and present a special guest speaker.

The special guest speaker is Nadia Porter, founder and director of Ground Secure, a non-profit organization that combats human trafficking of women and children. Porter will explain more about the organization and its collaboration with NOW to provide volunteering opportunities for members.

The event and the organization are open to all students who would like to join. It is focused on empowering women but does not discriminate students on the basis of sex.

“The nature of this organization is to uplift women in society and move the American society to a fully equal partnership of the sexes,” said President Nausheen Merchant, a microbiology and immunology student, “Growing up as a Muslim woman, I never felt restricted or inferior to my male peers. At NOW, I want to empower women to feel the same.”

If you cannot attend the Oct. 23 event, NOW is planning to host self-defense classes, an intro to coding class, a series of guest speakers, and a gala.


What: Cookies and Conversation, a cookie decorating event that will also welcome discussions about gender-based discrimination — focusing on the lawsuit UM is facing from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Who: National Organization for Women and Nadia Porter, founder and director of Ground Secure.

Where: Dooly Memorial 107

When: Wednesday, Oct. 23 at 8 p.m.