Commuter students to attend ‘Diavolo: Architecture in Motion,’ bring community together

Commuter students are preparing for a highly anticipated weekend. Not only will they get together to attend the Cane’s game on Friday, but commuters will also attend a show at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami.

Students will be seeing an evening performance of “Diavolo: Architecture in Motion” on Saturday, Oct. 12. “Diavolo: Architecture in Motion,” a Los Angeles based dance company, were finalists on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” The show at the Arsht Center will explore the relationship between movement and architecture through space. It will encompass dance, acrobatics and gymnastics.

Sponsorship from the Newman family will provide free tickets, dinner and transportation to the show.

“We are incredibly fortunate to be able to attend one show per semester with our students free of charge due to this donation because we get to experience a fabulous hub of art and expression right in our backyard that student and staff wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience together if it weren’t for this opportunity,” said Stephanie Fleitas, the assistant director for the Department of Orientation and Commuter Student Involvement.

Commuter students will get the chance spend the night together and get to know each other over dinner and a show. This is a part of a series of activities the Department of Orientation and Commuter Student Involvement hosts throughout the year to promote growth in their community.

“The whole night is typically such a great time because they’re experiencing the Adrienne Arsht Center which is a beautiful space with friends and meeting new people as well as seeing amazing entertainment on a Saturday night,” Fleitas said.

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