School of Law hosts annual mock admissions panel

Prospective law school students listen to application tips from admissions counselors
Prospective law school students listen to application tips from admissions counselors

The University of Miami School of Law hosted its annual mock admission panel on Sept. 27.

During the event, prospective law students had the opportunity to meet and talk to current first-year and second-year students. The conversations were about application tips, questions regarding the classes, their schedule and the differences between college and law school.

“Don’t believe those rumors that law school is the end of the world. It is harder than college, but at UM they help students out a lot, said Jae Hackaba, a second-year law student.

During the second part of the event, prospective applicants went to an auditorium where four admission counselors, Marcey Cox, Alex Schimel, Therese Lambert and Joseph Matthews, reviewed four law school applications. The admission counselors went through the applicants’ personal statements, LSAT scores, GPAs, letters of recommendation and resumes. One of the aspects they emphasized is that even though that GPA and LSAT scores are very important, those two factors are not the only determinants.

Cox emphasized applicants should not lie on their applications. If there are any acts of academic misconduct, misdemeanors or even traffic violations, applicants should write an addendum not only talking about the issue but explaining why it happened and how they have learned from it.

“I am really happy I came for this event, I am relieved to know that UM’s Law School, does consider other factors besides scores since my GPA is a little below average,” Gino Trulli, a senior at the University of Central Florida.”