Celebrate National Coffee Day the Miami way

There’s no doubt that coffee is America’s drink of choice. Business professionals and students alike thrive on it on it— and so does Miami, the international blend of the city making consuming café something extra special.

For National Coffee Day (Sept. 29), The Hurricane asked students what they love so much about the caffeine-filled drink and found out their favorite places to get it. Without further ado, here is a list of some of Miami’s most-loved coffee spots

Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar

Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar offers some of the smoothest espressos in the city, and there’s nothing Miamians love more than an espresso. All espresso lovers are encouraged to venture out of their daily-drink comfort zone and into the world of innovative flavors— you’ll never guess how flavorful that little shot of caffeine can be.

Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar is located at 169 Miracle Mile R40.

Dr. Smood

Dr. Smood promises organic, unprocessed and crafted coffee, and that is exactly what they deliver. With locations in Brickell, Wynwood, South Miami, Aventura and Miami Beach, Dr. Smood’s coffee is renowned for their healthy options. Simar Dyal, a junior studying neuroscience, let us in on her go-to order: “Half cashew-milk half almond-milk latte, extra hot. Thank me later.”

Coffee shops such as Dr. Smood provide more than a good drink, said Dyal; they are also hubs for socializing.

“You can never go wrong with coffee,” Dyal said. “Wanna catch up with a friend? Get a coffee. It’s different than getting a meal— you can talk more and you’re not starving, so the food doesn’t distract you.”

Dr. Smood South Miami us located at 5801 Sunset Drive.

Madruga Bakery

Coffee dates are great for catching up with friends or meeting someone new, but they’re also a wonderful component of solitude. If you’re looking to grab a cup while studying, try Madruga Bakery. This breadshop and cafe located across from campus specializes in crafted breakfast bread and pastries, even milling their own baking flour and incorporating organic ingredients. This bakery has the ambiance of a cute French café, but with plenty of seating for working. A perfect change of scenery for anyone looking for a quieter study spot.

“I’m over franchises,” said Cory Levy, a finance student and self-proclaimed coffee aficionado. “I really like bakeries and going into coffee shops and to get gourmet coffee.”

Madruga Bakery is located at 1430 S Dixie Hwy Suite 117.

Cafe Grumpy

Situated in Miracle Mile, Cafe Grumpy is an adorable coffee-shop with creative, innovative flavors. If you’re thinking of taking someone who doesn’t like coffee for a cup, try the dulce de leche latte with oat milk.

Cafe Grumpy is located at 2516 Ponce de Leon Blvd.

Panther Coffee

Perhaps one of Miami’s most famous chains, Panther Coffee started in Wynwood and later expanded throughout the city. This coffeeshop emphasizes the individuality of each brew, and the unique roasts with sweet, creamy, and fruity blends are meant to effortlessly transport you to any country of your choosing. From Guatemala to Ethiopia to Brazil, Panther Coffee is as international as Miami itself.

Panther Coffee Coconut Grove is located at 3407 Main Hwy.

Your Local Cuban Cafe

Lastly, you can never go wrong with a classic Cuban joint. Quintessential to the city, these cafes often have windows facing the streets— perfect for anyone on the go.

“Specific to Miami, my favorite coffee spot would be any Cuban cafe, because Miami’s best coffee is Cuban coffee,” said Dalia Ali, a senior studying neuroscience. “It’s just so strong, fresh, and tasty.”

When asked why she loves coffee Ali explained, “I love coffee because it’s smooth, it wakes me up, and it reminds me of starting my day. To me, it’s automatic to have a cup of coffee. It’s the best to me after dinner, having coffee as a desert when I can have it just to enjoy it.”

Whether it be a cafecito, a latte or a simple cup of black, Miamians adore their coffee. For National Coffee Day, grab a friend, visit a new coffee shop, and explore the flavors Miami has to offer.

Featured image source: www.flickr.com, @jen