Astrology and love: Your Venus sign and what it means

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People often generalize astrology. They research their sun sign and its stereotypical traits, disagree with them, and in turn, invalidate the science (and art) of astrology altogether.

However, astrology is far more complex than most people let on. There is the sun sign, which correlates to personality and is the sign most people identify with. Additionally, everyone has a moon sign and rising sign, both of which play a huge factor in identity and how people process emotions.

Even further, in addition to the main three signs, everyone also have nine other signs which rule all the planets in our solar system (excluding Earth)— Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. All of these planets influence different aspects of our lives, ranging from how we communicate to how we assert ourselves.

The planet we look towards when determining compatibility between two individuals is not the sun sign, but planet Venus— the sign of love, wealth, and pleasures, and whatever sign controls this planet for each individual. Venus plays a key role when examining compatibility between two people.

The sign of one’s Venus greatly determines how they act in relationships and qualities they need to make them work.

For more in depth information on your Venus sign or entire birth chart, visit For now, The Hurricane is bringing you the basics.

Aries Venus: People with this placement are direct, honest, upfront and expect the same in return. They crave high energy and passionate relationships with lots of spontaneity. However, they can get bored easily, so lovers and friends must match this placement’s energy.

Taurus Venus: They crave intimate settings with their special someone. People with this placement emit a lot of love, but also become jealous easily and come off as clingy.

Gemini Venus: This placement enjoys someone who sparks curiosity. They aren’t very keen on discussing their feelings and tend to be flighty when it comes to relationships. Anyone who wants to tie down a Gemini Venus must be sure to give them their space.

Cancer Venus: They crave love and affection. This placement craves romantic gestures and PDA when in a relationship. People with Venus in this sign crave security and loyalty. So, when entering into a relationship with one, one must be able to open their guarded heart.

Leo Venus: People with this placement LOVE love. When in a relationship, their love life consumes their every waking moment. They enjoy being admired, applauded, and praised–which can be quite a lot for a reserved counterpart.

Virgo Venus: They enjoy the details in life. Meaning, people with this placement take time in getting to know you. Some may say they move too slowly and reserved, but once in a relationship, they are considerate and practical partners who love to help.

Libra Venus: People with this placement are true romantics at heart. They value true balance and harmony in a relationship and will do whatever to maintain that. However, if their kindness is taken for granted, they will do whatever they can to make the other pay.

Scorpio Venus: This placement attracts others effortlessly through intensity and seemingly limitless boundaries. However, this can scare quite a few people off, along with their guarded and secretive personality. So, scoring a date with a Scorpio Venus can present its challenges.

Sagittarius Venus: They are apart of a group of extremely attractive people that enjoy freedom. They can seem restless, at times, due to their frivolous nature and buried fear of missing out. Advice for anyone who yearns to be with a Sagittarius Venus? Always try to be one step ahead.

Capricorn Venus: They tend to be attracted to someone who is on their level or higher. They enjoy an impressive partner that them can show off. In a relationship, they remain cool, calm, and collected; which can come off as boring to some “higher-strung” Venus signs.

Aquarius Venus: They are a very logical people who think with their head, rather than with your heart. They would much rather enter a relationship with a friend; someone they can naturally bounce ideas off of. They enjoy a “go with the flow” type of partner who is up to trying new things.

Pisces Venus: This placement is poetic and sensitive. Because of their immensely big hearts, they are a very reactive individual who is deeply affected by their environment. In return, it could cause problems during relationships. Be patient and nurturing with them if attempting to enter a relationship with this sign.

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