Orgsync is gone. Here’s its replacement

There’s a new platform for staying connected and involved on campus. Engage by Campus Labs has replaced OrgSync as the university’s online portal for clubs, student organizations and events. On their website, Engage says that they believe transformational experiences on a college campus should be deliberately designed to maximize the student experience.

The platform is used by over 500 other universities and colleges. Engage’s approach to community engagement on campus emphasizes that an event’s platform should offer insight into how students interact and participate with groups on campus. Engage uses analytical data to track student engagement and other trends. Combined with a redesigned interface, Engage aims to be a simpler and more accessible platform for students.

Through in-depth graphics, organizations’ leaders can better understand what students want and need. Engage also features an information archive so that new leadership in student organizations can access documents and other important materials from their predecessors. According to Campus Labs, this allows for smoother transitions of power.

While planning events is one of the main functions of a platform such as Engage, it’s no use if students do not show up. Engage also includes features that help organizations advertise and promote their events, and students can find out what is happening on campus using Corq, Engage’s involvement app on iOS and Android. Corq has a map to guide students to events, as well as social media integration.

Instead of swiping Cane cards at events, which is still supported by the platform, students can now use Engage to check-in to events on their mobile devices. Check-ins can include multiple points of entry and can even employ a “quick-search” feature to identify students who don’t have a mobile device or cane card to check-in with.

By increasing the ways in which event planners can interact with and understand students, Engage and Campus Labs hope to create a new culture of participation and engagement at the University of Miami.