The story of my abortion

I was a young girl when I endured my abortion. That sentence is still hard for me to swallow. Although, I have healed from this traumatic experience over time, I am on a journey of life-long healing.

I am open about my abortion because I have seen society try to tell me that I should either shout about it or hide it.

I don’t want to do either. I want to share my experience, in simple hopes that no woman ever goes through with a decision to terminate her pregnancy.

I never thought I’d be “that girl” who would end up with an unplanned pregnancy, but I was. My emotions were persuading my judgment, I was in darkness and I went through with the abortion thinking it was the only way.

Recently, I geared up the courage to see the movie “Unplanned” twice. The movie is the true story of an abortion industry worker and what became of her life. That movie deeply touched me in areas that are still vulnerable, but also relieved me to know that I was NOT alone. I related to specific scenes in the movie, especially the end. I realized then my ministry for women.

1 in 5 people are affected by abortion. Our sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins and friends have all been affected whether they themselves have had one, or someone they know has had one. This is a crisis of womanhood and we need to stick together and help each other in times of suffering and joy.

I encourage each of you reading this to go watch the movie “Unplanned” in theaters. You cannot hide from the truth, you must run after it. And that means that we have to help each other, woman to woman, through good times and bad.

I challenge you to speak to someone about your abortion, to listen to someone about their abortion or go watch this movie to be informed about how you can be ready when the topic of abortion comes into your life.

Linda Fernandez is a graduate student at the University of Saint Augustine.