Mahoney-Pearson dining hall dishwashing machine breaks down

Patrons of the Mahoney-Pearson Dining Hall had to use plastic plates and utensils after the kitchen’s industrial dishwasher broke down.

According to UM Dining Services, a part of the dishwasher was damaged and a new part has been ordered.

However, in the meantime, Chartwells Food Services, the company in charge of UM’s dining, resorted to plasticware Tuesday and Wednesday in an effort to keep the dining hall in operation.

Megan Clements, director of marketing and guest experience at Chartwells, said the dining halls on campus only resort to plasticware in emergency situations.

“We try our best to reduce and eliminate our use of disposable service ware under normal circumstances,” said Clements.

Clements said there are not currently any statistics on the amount of plasticware the dining hall used this week in response to the broken dishwashing machine.

The dining hall is expected to return to its normal silverware and glassware Thursday, once the part arrives.