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Hurricane Productions plans to reshape Canes Carnival

The board of HP Concerts announced March 4 that it will change the structure of this semester’s Canes Carnival.

Instead of hiring a smaller artist, as in previous years, Canes Carnival will feature an array of student artists.

Alex Botto, the chair of HP Concerts, said the purpose of the new change is to increase student involvement in the spring event.

“Our vision is to have continuous music from the students throughout the event,” said Botto, who is a junior majoring in psychology, criminology and Spanish. “Sort of like a music festival with student headliners.”

Botto said that the board of HP Concerts believes the event will encourage more students to attend, as they will come to support their friends. She said it will be a valuable opportunity for students to gain experience performing.

Sean Merlin, a sophomore music production major and the vice chair of HP Concerts, echoed this idea, saying the board hopes this new concept will bring attendees from all areas of student life to the event.

“The main issues with Canes Carnival have always been attendance,” said Merlin. “By having a festival of student performers, who will bring their friends to support them for each set, we will reach a much wider and more involved demographic.”

Students can apply to perform by following the process outlined on the HP Concerts social media pages. The event organizers are looking for anyone who is interested in getting to perform on a big stage with professional production.

“From DJs to full bands and everything in between, we are looking to make this basically a huge party to showcase the insane talent on this campus,” Merlin said.

Michelle Marino, a junior electronic media major and the site operation chair of HP Concerts, said that the board wanted to switch things up this year, and get students more excited for the event.

“I hope that students will be as excited as we are,” said Marino. “We think it’ll allow students to get experience in performing on a professional stage and get the concerts name out there in a different way.”

The HP Concerts board will also conduct student surveys throughout the semester. The hope is that the results from the surveys will help the board better plan for the fall 2019 show.

“Our goal this year is to make sure the students’ voices are heard,” said Botto. “While we can only do the best with what we have, we want to make sure we’re making the students as happy and as involved as possible.”

Applications for student performers are open as of March 5, and Canes Carnival will take place April 26.

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