Making the most of your spring break

In less than a week, we the students of the University of Miami will finally get what we’ve been waiting for since Thanksgiving break. We can wake up at midday and not feel guilty about missing class because there will be no classes or assignments (yeah, right). Class attendance for lectures this week will probably be low because spring break is here.

It is also a week that is permeated by stories of lavish vacations, expensive flights back home and massive mansion frat parties. As a school with varying economic demographics, many of our students can afford to do this, and probably will. After all, it is spring break– everyone should be doing something.

The idea of a great college spring break is something we all want to experience, and why shouldn’t we? It’s evident in American culture that a great big trip is the requisite to a memorable spring break. Dozens of teen movies and spring break TV shows flaunt a lifestyle that many people wanted to participate in. Some of us surely thought that every party would be as glamorous as they look on TV and that every spring break would be as wild as they are in the movies. Depending on who you are, you can have that MTV lifestyle. But the truth is that the average person can’t afford to be doing something super extravagant everytime we have off. And that’s honestly okay.

It’s quite easy to compare yourself to the next person in college. We see wealth everywhere around us, and if that wasn’t enough, it’s plastered all over our social media feeds. Contrary to popular culture, you don’t need to do anything crazy to have a fulfilling spring break. If you’re staying in Florida, you can have a great, affordable break.

Despite concerns over climate change and rising waters, South Beach and Miami Beach will see thousands of people from all over the world flying here for a week-long celebration. If you’re willing to brave the crowds of drunken college students and the sudden surge in Uber prices, then you can take a trip to the beach. Sight-seeing the insanity will surely be a great time. An even cheaper alternative is our own UC pool, which can be just as fabulous as the beach if you use get creative.

We can also use this break to explore the surrounding neighborhoods. Many times, students find themselves cramped on campus or Coral Gables, but the greater Miami metropolitan area is home to many vibrant communities. Whether it be Wynwood, Little Havana or even so far as Miami Gardens, you can utilize the break to familiarize yourself with the melting pot that is Miami.

The last and probably best option on what to do this spring break is to catch up on some sleep. In college, 12 a.m. so often feels like 9 p.m so it’s no wonder that we’re all so sleep-deprived. Use this week to go to bed a little earlier and catch up on some much-needed sleep. When you’re yawning in your 9 a.m. class the Monday after break, you will all wish you had listened to us.

Have a safe and fulfilling week.