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Songs For Lovers and the Broken-Hearted: a Frost celebration of Valentine’s Day

The Frost Studio Jazz Band is celebrating Valentine’s Day with their “Songs For Lovers and the Broken–Hearted” concert this Thursday, Feb. 14 at 7:30 pm in Gusman Hall.

“We should be done by nine, which means you still have time to go out and have some chocolate and champagne with someone you love,” said Stephen Guerra, a lecturer of Jazz Studies and Managing Director of the Henry Mancini institute here at UM. “I’ve done a concert on Valentine’s Day with the band every few years, and I wanted to bring that back. We didn’t do it last year. “

Whether you are single or in a relationship this Valentine’s Day, this concert has something for everybody. “We wanted to do a concert that featured songs that were love songs and songs about people who have broken hearts, because love isn’t always happy.,” Guerra added.

He also detailed what the audience can expect this Thursday.

“You’re going to hear a couple instrumental big band charts, songs that were made famous by Frank Sinatra. You’re going to hear a song by the sixties and seventies rock band Spiral Staircase called More Today than Yesterday, but it’s been adapted for a big band,” he said. “There’s going to be four jazz vocalists that sing with us, which is exciting, and there’s actually one of our students that wrote a couple a quirky little love songs that he’s goanna premier that night. There’s going to be everything. Music from old school Broadway jazz to new school, new school hip trendy music “

Guerra had nothing but good things to say about his band.

“All the vocalists are great really incredible singers, and it’s just great swinging love tunes basically for most of it. Good arrangements by our writers and good arrangements for all the tunes it’ll be a good night,” he said.

19-year-old Tim Watson, a sophomore jazz performance major and guitar player, said there is a lot of good things to expect from the Frost Studio Jazz band. “If you went out and heard a big band somewhere, there’s a pretty high chance they wouldn’t be as good as this one, it’s really a great band”

When asked about their favorite part about Valentine’s Day, the band had a variety of reactions and opinions.

“I guess spending time with your significant other is the best part, and just like honoring that time with them on a day,”said 20-year-old Paul Pandit, a junior jazz performance major and base player in the Frost Studio Jazz Band.

Watson had a different perspective.

“Probably all the money they make off of cards and heart shaped candies and stuff. It’s probably a lot of money. It’s– what do they call it– a hallmark holiday? That and spending time with your significant other. “

Guerra said the holiday brings out the best in him.

“I like spoiling my wife on Valentine’s Day, and it’s always good to see the students and see the relationships they’ve built. Whether it’s a relationship that’s romantic or not, it’s always a good day to see how they feel about each other and the comradery and community that we’ve built at the Frost School.”

Tickets for the concert can be bought on the Frost Music Live website. Tickets are free for students, $10 for students who do not attend the University of Miami, $20 for Adults, and $25 for seniors.

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