Housing application deadline approaching

Continuing students and current residents at the University of Miami campus have begun to register for housing for the 2019-2020 academic year. Registration started Monday, Jan. 28 and ends Feb. 6.

Kate Lewandowski, a junior majoring in marine science and biology said she currently lives in a single in Eaton and intends to apply for a single again next semester. She enjoys the fact that housing gives priority to the students who have lived on campus the longest.

“I feel like all continuing on-campus students should continue to apply for housing,” Lewandowski said. “When you live on campus it keeps you engaged in clubs and makes you more available for school events. Students who live off-campus or commute may not always have the convenience or time for college events.”

Students who currently reside on campus and apply by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 6th will be able to participate in the room selection process that follows.

Freshman Paulina Corcoran said she hopes to live in a single in Mahoney-Pearson or Eaton next year.

“I currently live in Stanford, but I want a change,” said Corcoran, a communication studies major on the public advocacy track. “I love the company of all my friends here at college; however, I feel like I need my own space. I never had to share a room growing up and I miss that privacy.”

Continuing students who live off campus will be assigned to remaining available spaces following the conclusion of the room selection process, which ends Wednesday, Feb. 27.

But many students will not be participating in the HRL housing application process, instead opting to seek off-campus housing.

Freshman Brianna Martin said she is one of these students.

“I want my own space and want to experience the Miami-Dade area more outside of Coral Gables,” Martin said.

The housing application process consists of 11 multi-layered tiers ranging from student contact information to meal plan selection. Students must also sign the housing contract and submit the $500 housing prepayment to solidify the processing of their application and room requests.