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UM alum talks new book, money, and how to make it

We’re all writing a book in our heads. Jon Kowalsky is finally publishing his

On Oct. 24, the 29-year-old Miami Business School alum is releasing a book called “The Cashflow Manifesto: Everything I Learned from My Millionaire Mentors,” a sort of how-to guide on how to be financially successful.

Even though Kowalsky has plenty of experience in entrepreneurship and business—previously starting and running his own independent music company called Studio 120—he never thought about writing a book about them. In fact, the idea came from his wife.

Jenelle & Jon's Illinois Beach Resort Wedding
Kowalsky and his wife Jenelle pose with their daughter on their wedding day. Photo courtesy Jon Kowalsky.

“A lot of these ideas started brewing in my mind ever since I started pursuing entrepreneurship when I was 17,” he said. “My wife works in the nonprofit world with Feeding South Florida, and she was just having a conversation with me about writing a book about homelessness. That just really got me thinking about what I would write about.”

It’s only right that he focused on his book in the field of business and finances. During his time at the university, he majored in business and minored in music and marketing. He credits the experience he gained during pitch competitions and business programs for helping him in his career.

Studio120 Shirt.jpg
Kowalsky during his senior year at UM, during which he competed in a business plan competition. Photo courtesy Jon Kowalsky.

“I had lots of fun, and for a time, it was quite successful,” said Kowalsky on closing Studio 120. “I decided to just let it be what it was because I was no longer getting the results I wanted.”

That’s the aim of this book: to wield results. For his writer’s debut, Kowalsky interviewed seven self-made millionaires. He spent hours with these entrepreneurs trying to find what exactly they did to make money for work them. The tips, stories, and guidelines they imparted to him lay the foundation of the book.

“There are a million ways to make money. But, there are only a few ways to make money and have control over your time, and that’s what I saw in these millionaires,” he said.

Kowalsky’s passion to help others is obvious. During our talk, he regularly mused about income inequality, student debt, and “the problem with how the system works.” A huge part of his writing this book, he said, was to help others make better financial decisions.

“What I would call successful is when you can actually help impart this knowledge and help other people duplicate the same results you have—whether you’re an accountant, lawyer or investor,” Kowalsky said. “I would recommend this book to anyone in any stage of their life. It’s applicable to any financial situation.”

In his final comments, Kowalsky added that “Maslow’s hierarchy teaches us we can’t deal with those greater aspirations unless we take care of our finances first. Although this is a book about creating certain financial results, the real purpose is to teach people how to get time back into their lives to do more significant things, like spending time with family, family legacy, traveling, or helping someone in need.”

Cover of "Cashflow Manifesto," available for purchase Oct. 24 on Amazon and thecashflowmanifesto.com. Photo courtesy Jon Kowalsky.

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