Ron DeSantis’ education promise for Florida’s future

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Earlier this week, Ron DeSantis, Republican candidate for governor of Florida, unveiled his education platform, and with it, his promise to Florida’s parents and students: to make Florida’s education system work for everyone.

That means expanding opportunity for low-income students to attend the schools of their choice and providing parents the freedom, will and means to allow their children to do so. From charter schools to private academic institutions, Florida’s students deserve the right to have access to, and attend, schools which fit and compliment their unique individual talents and skill sets.

That’s what it’s going to take if we are to make Florida an economically competitive state in the United States and on the world stage, for in our 21st-century economy, Florida’s students must be able to not only compete compete and acquire the skills necessary for the jobs of today but also be equipped with a strong foundation of knowledge to build upon in life as one’s job changes due to economic disruptions and technological advancements.

Ron DeSantis’ education platform holds great promise in achieving this end, for it once again focuses on the students – not the special interest or teachers’ unions – and prioritizes classroom funding and new, innovative school programs: such as the expansion of technical skills training and the implementation of local and state-wide school-business partnerships, in which schools cater their curriculum and teachings in ways which bolster meaningful employment opportunities for students interested in technical skill work.

There’s a lot at stake this election, but at least I know that all will be well for Florida’s students and parents if Ron DeSantis is given the opportunity and honor to serve as Florida’s next governor.

David Saul Acosta, University of Miami Class of 2016, is the political action director for Miami Young Republicans.